GENERATION, a brand known for backing each collection with an interpretive emotional thought mechanism, manifested in a very real and sound creative aesthetic rooted in the essence of a Pakistani girl, reveals the story behind 'Manjeet' for SS'16.

"Theoutdoors have so much to offer and unfortunately in Pakistan as women we areconfined to private spaces, and it gets stifling. The convenience of latchingthe door and walking out of ones house is a luxury. When you have visitors fromabroad, there first question is where are the women? You walk a mile down amain road and you have atleast 3 cars or rickshaws stop and ask you if you needa ride as of course you wouldn't be walking by choice. I remember a few monthsago I decided to go on a picnic to Lawrence Gardens with my one year old sonand I ended up coming home feeling harassed and violated." - Khadija Rahman

We,at GENERATION, feel that some spaces are so strongly defined as 'not for women'that it inspired to rethink our creative design process. So "˜Manjeet Diaries,'our first collection for Spring, becomes the spark for debate and an insightinto the spirit of the Generation Woman, someone who finds beauty in theordinary and thrives upon her individuality.

ThisSpring, the GENERATION Woman is represented in the form of Manjeet, who muchlike the hue, is earthy, eccentric and unafraid. She is the 21st century womanwith a distinct sense of style that is true to her self yet has a utilitarianedge and has no qualms about getting her hands dirty.

TheGeneration lawn season launches on a minimalist, indigenous note. ManjeetDiaries itself embodies an urban aesthetic, with traditional block print motifson the distinct shade of madder red (Manjeet) in fluid free-spirited silhouettes. 

Withan agenda to redefine women's position in the public spectrum, we bring forthour vision of Manjeet, behind the stunning dusky face of Zara Abid, and themelancholic calm of Naja Rajput. The images intend to highlight the taboosaround women being seen in public spaces. What is so unacceptable about a womantaking a break at the  corner tea stall? Why should she be covered fromhead to toe just to take the bus? Does she have no right to play a light sportin the sunlight? Why are these ideas shocking? We ask you, ourselves andsociety. Manjeet is brought to life by the lens of the man who has risen fromthe streets himself, Abdullah Haris.

Thedebate shall be an ongoing theme for the brand, engaging various artists,journalists and men and women from all walks of life. We shall be discussingwhat opinion these individuals hold about the subject, how they are affected byit on a daily basis and what influence it has held on their creativeprocess.Lets talk!

Stay tuned for more details as the story unravels!