Dove hosted the Dove Nourishment Masterclass on 13th May 2015 inviting stylists from Karachi's leading salons. Sixty salon owners from a variety of beauty salons throughout Karachi, such as Altaf's, Raintree Spa, Peng's, Depilex and MahRose, attended it along with their lead stylists. The Dove Masterclass kick started with an R&D session which talked about the science of the product and Dove's superior formulation.

A range of activities had been organized by Dove to not only entertain their guests, but also educate them. The Masterclass featured hair stylist Shammal Qureshi, teaching tips and tricks on how to cut and style hair. He talked about how hair damage is an inevitable consequence of using styling products and heat styling and how the Dove range helps counter this damage.

The well-appointed meeting room done up in soft blue and white, started off with Sidra Iqbal, the host of the day, introducing Muhammad Zaheer and Arsalan Qasim, from the research and development department of Dove Hair. Through a detailed presentation of labeled diagrams, videos and facts, they explained the structure of hair, what it is made up of, what causes the damage and how hair looks and feels when damaged. These issues were of particular interest to salon owners since the hair cutting and styling techniques demonstrated by Shammal showcased techniques to make hair look fuller. Arsalan Qasim, R&D Hair Expert, also added pointers on which variant from the Dove range would be better suited to what type of hair damage.

Solving the issue many clients face when getting such procedures, they instructed the audience on how Dove as the leading Damage Repair expert in Pakistan with its advanced formulation and ¼ moisturizing milk provides the hair with complete nourishment to help repair damage from the roots up.

To physically explain the damage that is done to the hair, Dove initiated the "balloon" game. Every member of the audience was given a balloon and a needle. They had to ensure that their balloon was the last one to stay standing, in order to win, by popping the balloons around them using the needle as frequently as they dared. This showed the fragility of hair, of how easily it is damaged; but if protected by regular use of a product like Dove, it can stay well and healthy.

A game called Jenga was next in line and it resonated with the audience as playing in teams of three,each team had to remove small blocks from the tower, without letting it collapse entirely. However two of the towers did eventually collapse alluding to the fact that the removal of important nutrients and needs from the scalp and hair can cause gaps in the hair, leading to dull, lifeless hair and subsequent breakage.

Shammal Qureshi then took the stage with two of his stylists and he immediately started sharing his experiences from around the world; offering tips and how-to tricks to the engrossed audience. The team instructed step by step procedures of three different hairstyles so the audience could easily learn how to execute a selection of styles. They then showcased a couple of trending hairstyles, for different seasons and face shapes. Shammal and his stylists did a live haircut on stage clearly explaining the do's and don'ts of certain styles, also allowing the audience to participate by asking questions.

Dove also unveiled its new packaging coming out in the market soon, with improved formulation for deep nourishment, giving the spectators a great surprise and privilege to be the first ever to view the latest creation. This was followed by a delayed but delicious lunch.

The attendees thoroughly enjoyed the two hour long Masterclass and walked away with a certificate from Shammal. The information that was shared is easily applied to in-salon problems with stylists now better equipped to advice on the kind of cuts and treatments to restore dry, damaged, colour treated hair.