Daraz.pk has handpicked and styled four looks from their trove of fashion and accessories collections to dress up your man for whatever you have planned this Valentines Day!

1.The classy gentleman at a formal dinner

Do you want to take that special someone out on Valentine's Day for dinner at the fancy place your friend recommended? Daraz suggests that you do not just suit up, rather add a bit of class to your attire. Abandon your usual go-to white button down and don that peach colored button down that spells class and taste. Complement it with a pair of light grey dress pants and the in-style monk strap slip-ons and you will be making your lady friend blush. To make the night a formal yet relaxing getaway, sport a navy blue blazer with a silk neckerchief and you will spell "˜unique' and become an instant trendsetter. Saving the best for last, accessorize with a simple yet elegant leather wristwatch and time shall stop for your date and all eyes shall surely be on you.

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2.The stylish chef

Do you think your strongest suit is your Gordon Ramsay-esque cooking skills? Let us make sure that your food is not the only reason your date will be impressed with your Valentine's plans.

Worried about looking over dressed for a simple yet charming candlelit homemade dinner? Daraz gives you the stylish casual look with button down white linen shirt and beige linen chino trousers. These lighter colors and material will suit the ambience you are trying to create. Match your brown leather slip-on semi-formal loafers with a matching leather belt and to add class yet not overkill on the accessories,go with a simple yet elegant black and gold bracelet. There is your look which will ensure you get no compliments all night, just speechless and loving stares.

3.The stylish yet casual guy

Who said movie nights are a thing of the past? There is no way to keep it light, simple and effortless fun than a movie night followed by ice cream and a drive around the the city.

Don't know what defines casual but sexy? Daraz suggests a simple, dark and mysterious look that'll have your date melting away looking at you. A plain, long-sleeve, v-neck t-shirt with simple black jeans. To add just a bit of color, wear dark brown slip-ons. And to add a bit of class to this casual outlook, make sure your wallet-game is on point with a classy wallet that does not need banknotes stuffed in it to impress anyone. With this look you will be the center of attention all night.

4. Adventurous beach/countryside lover

Want to make your Valentine's plan an all day affair? Have no idea how to plan a time consuming fun activity that requires a long time and promises solitude? Don't want to be generic in your plans or clothing? Daraz not only provides you with the most adventurous Valentine's day plan but also gives you the perfect outfit for it.

A day at the beach or away from the city cruising to the countryside is a definite charmer. Not only will your thoughts and effort be appreciated but your looks for this date will be admired and complimented constantly.

Nothing spells adventurous more than a denim button down shirt on a pair light orange/peach cotton shorts. Sporting sunglasses that do not yell flashy and sandals would be perfect for long day walks that you have planned before the picnic sit down. If you're already planning to be adventurous, throw in a brown leather wrist bracelet and a leather pendant hanging around your neck. Not only will you be stylish but you will bring out the bad in you that your friend will surely be swooned by.