Daraz.pk has announced a two-week Winter Clearance Sale (https://www.daraz.pk/fashion-clearance-sale/) welcoming 2016 with incredible deals and discounts, up to 80%, across your favourite fashion brands, including Generation, Origins, Ego, AlKaram Studio, Nine West, Gul Ahmed, CULT, Hush Puppies, Bath & Body Works, Wet n Wild, Tissot, Fifth Avenue and many more on Daraz.pk.

Looking more fashionable isn't always about wearing the most expensive clothes, or mastering some complex styling trick. Sometimes it's as easy as tucking in your shirt or throwing on a pair of sunglasses. Recently, Daraz.pk launched its very own In-house Stylist Programme (https://www.daraz.pk/fashion-stylist), making shopping less stressful for its online customers. The style tips shared by this month's fashion stylists on Daraz.pk, Alishay Adnan and Mustafa Changazi, will make shopping for you a lot more fun and seamless. From straight kurtas with high embroidered cigarette pants, to an adoption of international trends like the paperbag waist and box bags, fashion is at an all-time high here.

Here are a few essential things to know from your friends at Daraz, in addition to what the Daraz Stylists have to say.

The Winter Clearance sale is offering some super trendy casual kurtas from top high-street brands including Generation (up to 70%), Alkaram Studio (up to 40%), Origins (up to 40%), Ego (up to 50%) and Gul Ahmed (up to 40%). There is nothing trendier for the perfect day-time look than a well-put-together casual kurta (https://www.daraz.pk/womens-kurtas-shalwar-kameez/.)  "It is not always easy to stand out with a day kurta. The best way is to play with colours. Minimize the accessories but match them perfectly. Yellow prints and yellow sandals with white embroidered pants suit me well," says stylist Alishay.

As far as footwear for women is concerned, comfortable shoes are still on-trend, so feel free to run around in those ever-so-classy, flat mules, open side flats and strappy flip flops this season.  

Alishay, who is known for her impeccable sartorial choices, says that for a western day-time casual look, one should play with subtle colours and keep the make-up and accessories minimal. She suggests that to give the outfit the oomph factor, pair it up with a white pair of sneakers to add some spice. Always remember, less is more. (https://www.daraz.pk/womens-winter-wear/). 

Men, too, are in for a treat with some of the coolest brands offering discounts, helping them look dapper while on a budget. To be on point with the sexy eastern look, there are a few style tips to follow, "You can wear a cardigan on top of your shalwar kameez. A good wrist watch could be an excellent addition, but most importantly, fitting is really important," suggests Mustafa, the debonair actor. The good thing is, from shalwar kameez to shoes, cardigans and wrist watches, everything is on sale. (https://www.daraz.pk/mens-kurtas-shalwar-kameez/). 

There is always a look which looks great in the day and also an incredible sartorial choice for a night out with friends "“ not all looks are that versatile but this one, this one is! "Ideal for a Sunday brunch or a night out with friends: the navy blue blazer and brown leather shoes are vital to a man's wardrobe. Key tip here: only close the top button of your blazer," says Mustafa. Yes, a good blue blazer and the right pair of brown shoes are an absolute essential in a man's arsenal. You're in luck because you can get a classic pair of brown Oxfords from Broadway (up to 80% off) or Turk & Fillmore (up to 50% off). Stock up on your style must-haves here (https://www.daraz.pk/mens-coats/). 

With all these bang-on style tips to guide you, shop the sale open for a limited time only till 31st Jan at Daraz.pk. Whether you're looking for flamboyant kurtas, comfortable hoodies, stylish pumps, or workout gear for a fresh start in 2016, you'll be able to avail great discounts on everything!