Mark your calendars!  Brands Just Pret will be showcasing their biggest exhibit of this season at their Dolmen Mall Clifton flagship store from the 1st of July till Chand Raat on 6th of July, with a great line up of young emerging talent creating fresh, festive and summery designs perfect for Eid! 

The week long event will include classic eastern and contemporary styles such as chic wraps as well as everyone's favorite this season; flares and tulip shalwars. The exciting designer lineup to be showcased will include Rabiha Amhersi, Wahaj M Khan, Farah Zubair, Nudrat Talha, Karishma Talreja, Allaya Khan and Braahti. Take a look at some of their designs to be displayed below and don't miss the fun filled festivities especially on Chaan Raat night at the store!

Brands Just Pret, 1st Floor Dolmen Mall, Clifton, Karachi