Zoe Viccaji "“ the disco diva in collaboration with Salt Arts brings disco back to the Karachi night with "˜Jaanay Do' "“ a new track from her upcoming EP album. In 2015 Zoe joined hands with Salt Arts to visually  and conceptually manage the release of this track along with developing her new look, and her re-emergence as a multi-faceted, mid- career artist from Pakistan. Jaanay Do is the first track that has been released so far. #bringingdiscoback #saturdaynightdisco #zoe #saltarts

And here's what the talented Zoe Viccaji herself had to say!

"˜My favourite genres are Jazz, funk, disco and soul. I grew up listening to Donna Summers, Dianna Ross, ABBA, Marvin Gaye, Blondie, Stevie Wonder- and then there was of course our very own Nazia Hasan who brought the disco home to Pakistan. I dreamt of being able to follow that sound, but in a more contemporary way so that it was the perfect balance between retro and new. I finally met a producer Mubashir Admani who got me, and loved the genre equally! In September, I joined hands with Salt Arts, who have directed the entire campaign and released this new track.'

"˜For years I have wished that there was someone or something in Pakistan that existed to help me think about how I wanted to put my music out there, and to actually help me do it. Salt Arts is finally all that and a whole lot more! Working with the team has been a pleasure because they strike a great balance in their approach to art and professionalism. In fact I feel they've helped me push my boundaries and enter exciting new territories that were otherwise daunting to me. I hope that they are very successful in what they do because as artists we need great teams like these!

Artist: Zoe Viccaji
Single: Jaanay Do
Music Producer: Mubashir Admani
Lyrics: S. K Khalish Released by Salt Arts Team Salt:
Art Direction, Design and Strategy: Raania A. K Durrani, Hasan Waliany
Photography: Sitwat Rizvi, assisted by Hamna Haqqi

Salt Arts would like to thank its creative collaborators: Hair & Make-up: Natasha Salon by Natasha Khalid Outfits: Sadaf Malaterre
Photo Post: Chique Lab by Hira Tareen
Location: Bina Khan Photography Studio