An ideapreneur, a dreamer, and a designer - Maliha Tahir graduated as a communication designer from Indus Valley School of  Art and Architecture in 2001. She has been imagining fashion to life since she was 7 years old. Her belief that women have the potential to pursue their dreams has led her to follow her lifelong dream of being a Designer. After working as the Creative Director at Khatay Falsay, Design Studio for 5 years, She founded Maliha S. fashion brand where  she heads the design department. 
Since 2006, Maliha S. has been designing clothes to help women feel confident, stylish and comfortable while making a statement through the clothes they wear. Her designs are inspired by a wide gamut of references from calligraphy to local and cultural marvels. Each ensemble is exquisitely cut by hand, reflects the creativity of the artisan and pays tribute to modern feminism.
Maliha S. has carved a prominent place for itself in the luxury space, while emphasizing on creating links between traditional and contemporary styles. This has resulted in a coherent and meaningful fashion garment line that builds on local strengths coupled with a modern aesthetic to cater to the globalization trend.
In the past 15 years, Maliha S. has established herself as a recognized fashion talent. She has been credited with initiating creative use of contemporary ornaments on her clothing line to bring in individuality and harmony to her line of apparel.
Her clients describe her designs as not just garments but rather statements for the owner. Her creations merge perfectly with the flow of today's hectic life. So, whether one is heading to a meeting, rushing for school runs or dressing for an evening out, with Maliha S. every woman will have what it takes to seal the deal.
After retailing successfully from prominent boutiques and stores across Pakistan, Maliha S. opened up her own outlet this year. The brand continues to have their line featured through various online platforms as well.

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