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  1. Shafaq Habib Jewellery

    Shafaq Habib Jewellery

    Shafaq Habib House of Jewellery (SHHoJ) is a renowned and trusted label based in Lahore that began its journey in the 80's in New York City where the brand's namesake founder started her career. Shafaq brought her brand to Pakistan in the 90's with a focus on South Asian ornaments. Working closely with her artisans they create exotic 22K Gold and Diamond jewellery that exhibits a contemporary spirit while remaining loyal to the beauty of ancient Subcontinental forms.
  2. Shamaeel Ansari

    Shamaeel Ansari

    Shamaeel Ansari is one of the living legends of Pakistani fashion with twenty-four years of work in the industry under her belt. Her quintessential label has stood the test of time and expanded its presence globally. Shamaeel's style is laced with magnificence and grandeur.
  3. Shamsha Hashwani

    Shamsha Hashwani

    Shamsha Hashwani has until recently been one of Karachi's best kept fashion secrets, but due to popular demand for her sophisticated aesthetics she is now taking her eclectic brand a step further. If you cherish authentic Indian chikankari craft woven on to the finest fabrics with the utmost attention to precision, you will fall in love with her collections.

  4. Sheen


    Sheen is an upcoming private label that represents fresh, independent women of today. Their line comprises of smart casuals and formal wear that reflects a unique blend of minimalistic and ethnic concept of craftsmanship using trendy and modern cuts.
  5. Sheep


    Sheep was established under the umbrella of iTextiles, a leading textile trading company in 2010 as primarily a work wear solution for the contemporary woman. Under the leadership of Alia and Ayesha Jaffer, the clothes brought about a change in the lawn culture and much needed relief from un-stitched fabric. Now just a few years down the road, their sleek minimalist style is a wardrobe staple among working women, students, and Moms alike.

  6. Shehla Chatoor

    Shehla Chatoor

    The Shehla Chatoor design ethos is based on the philosophy of reconstructing vintage art forms to create eternally relevant pieces steeped in culture and heritage.Shehla founded her signature label in 1995 after graduating from the University of Houston. She quickly became renowned for her eclectic taste and artistic intuition.
  7. Shehrnaz


    The in-house line of Pakistan's pioneer multi-label stores; Shehrnaz at Ensemble offers a delightful mix of the best of both traditional and modern elements. From classic Kantha and Chikankari cut beautifully to bright prints, enriched heavy zardozi formals, and tasteful cotton nets, Shehrnaz caters to the complete needs of the discerning woman.
  8. Sherezad Jewellery

    Sherezad Jewellery

    Sherezad Rahimtoola's iconic statement jewellery pieces are artistic expressions that can be passed on as heirlooms for generations. As an architect by profession, Sherezad has a distinctive style that restores balance and beauty through fusing precious and semi-precious stones with gold. All the while creating exquisite pieces that would make any woman feel priceless.
  9. Shireen Lakdawala

    Shireen Lakdawala

    Shireen Lakdawala is a renowned designer label at home and abroad, particularly in Dallas, Texas, USA. Her passion for designing and creating a blend of East and West, drove her to establish her own label "TRENDZ" by Shireen Lakdawala in 2005. 
  10. Shirin Hassan

    Shirin Hassan

    Shirin Hasasan is a renowned brand known for its specialist block printing range on silks. She has showcased her collections on several platforms both at home and abroad. Her last collection showcased at Bridal Couture Week 2011 was aptly titled “Rang de Basanti ” for its colorful dramatics.
  11. Shiza Hassan

    Shiza Hassan

    Shiza Hassan is a pret-a-porter and haute couture label that was born in Lahore. The brand creates a distinctive array of traditional and fusion designs where old age traditional techniques meet modern cuts. With the aim to create collections that are timeless and reflect our tradition, the designer herself experiments with a fusion of styles, silhouettes, textiles, textures and embellishments in addition to a wide color palette.
  12. SJC Designs by Sonya Jamil

    SJC Designs by Sonya Jamil

    SJC Designs by Sonya Jamil is a relatively new clothing label created for the young and trendy real fashionista who enjoys fashion and appreciates an individual and exciting new look for the multiple occasions and roles that make up her life. Sonya's label is an eclectic mixture of east and west bringing edgy fusion party wear and contemporary eastern separates for the complete urban woman.
  13. SNL by Sofia Naveed Lari

    SNL by Sofia Naveed Lari

    Sofia Naveed Lari is a passionate young designer who has crept up and gained a loyal clientele for her glamorous and fun sense of style. She began designing for friends and family and before she knew it she was running her own label which recently participated in Showcase 2012 as well. 

  14. So Kamal

    So Kamal

    So Kamal was established in 2012 by Erum Ahmad under the umbrella of Kamal Limited; one of the pioneer textile manufacturing houses of Pakistan. Established in 1950, Kamal Limited is a leader in the export of home textile products to the USA, Latin America, Europe and Australia. It is this experience spanning over half a century that lends itself to So Kamal's quality product range that includes Lawn, Bedding, Pret wear and Home Furniture and Accessories.
  15. Sobia Nazir

    Sobia Nazir

    Having been in the fashion industry for nearly 10 years Sobia Nazir has earned a spot in the highest echelons of luxury fashion. She has steadily expanded her brand through the years with a studio and two outlets in her home town of Islamabad and Lahore. 
  16. Sonya Battla

    Sonya Battla

    The Sonya Battla label has maintained its mark of distinctive artistic expression through fashion for fifteen years since she first founded her eponymous brand. After securing a degree in Fine Arts with a major in Women's Wear Fashion from the American College in London, U.K. Sonya embarked upon her journey in design.
  17. Splash


    Splash is a global high street western pret label headquartered in Dubai, and is the Middle East's largest fashion retailer falling under the prestigious Landmark Group umbrella. The brand has grown rapidly over the last twenty years and now comprises over 200 stores across 13 countries. Since its opening in Pakistan in 2012 by the Alkaram Group, Splash has become the go to popular choice amongst the youth for its modern, trendsetting, and international style.
  18. Sublime by Sara Shahid

    Sublime by Sara Shahid

    With over a decade of experience and an international degree in fashion marketing and design, Sara Shahid has carved a niche market for her minimalist style and focus on drape. She introduced her independent label Sublime by Sara in 2003 to Pakistan. 
  19. Suffuse by Sana Yasir

    Suffuse by Sana Yasir

    Suffuse by Sana Yasir true to its name has permeated Pakistani luxury fashion with its endearing delicate designs. Founded in 2012 in Lahore, Suffuse gives life to signature floral patterns, intricate aesthetics and glittering embellishments that celebrate femininity. 
  20. Suggy by Sughra Hasan

    Suggy by Sughra Hasan

    Following her mother’s footsteps, Suggy started designing clothes in 2001. Over the last fourteen years, she has maintained and tremendously grown her eclectic clientèle for pret and formal wear. Her uniqueness lies in the variety of fabrics and elegant designs combined with her delicate sense of cuts and beautiful choice of colors.


  21. Tena Durrani

    Tena Durrani

    Tena Durrani is the complete designer creating casual wear, bridal couture and formals since 2005. Her source of inspiration is art and architecture from the ancient Mughal period that defines the roots of our traditions. Her collections are fluid, always changing to ensure individuality and brimming with vibrant, rich colors and embroidery patterns that are extensively sampled to perfection before being used in her designs.
  22. The PinkTree Company

    The PinkTree Company

    The PinkTree Company is home to a definitive lifestyle and speaks to individuals who value quality, creativity and a distinctly refined taste. The label was founded by Mohsin Sayeed and his three friends in 2011. It is an all encompassing brand that aims to cover all aspects of our wardrobe. The brand was launched with four unique lines; The Pencil Sketch, Jamun, Regalia and Sweet Peas in 2011. The latest Spring 2012 addition to these genres is Melon.

  23. Threads And Motifs

    Threads And Motifs

    Founded in 2009, Threads & Motifs staggered audiences with their inspired collections of ready made embroidered sequined fabrics, introduced for the very first time in Pakistan's luxury clothing retail market. The brand developed a cult following in a short period expanding its reach to all leading cities both locally and internationally. Today Threads and Motifs continues to delight with their speciality thread worked fabrics as well as ready-to-wear pret worldwide. 

  24. Umaima Mustafa

    Umaima Mustafa

    Umaima Mustafa entered the fashion landscape of Karachi in 2013 with a crackling debut showcase at the TDAP Fall Fashion Show. The young designer opened the doors of her chic new boutique in the heart of the city's Old Clifton area later the same year and has since established a remarkable signature presence for her discerning, edgy, and fashion forward aesthetic.

  25. Umar Sayeed

    Umar Sayeed

    Umar Sayeed is a name that needs no introduction having dominated the fashion landscape of Pakistan for more than twenty years. By consistently delivering an unparalleled level of style and creative brilliance he has engraved his signature in history as one of the top designers to have hailed from Pakistan.
  26. Umbereen & Sharmeen

    Umbereen & Sharmeen

    Umbereen & Sharmeen is one of the highest ranked exclusive private selling labels of women's eastern wear in the country. Designing since 1997 the team continues to produce the finest quality hand crafted work using dabka, gijai, gota, salma and ari tanka techniques impeccably stitched in versatile shapes and styles.
  27. Umsha by Uzma Babar

    Umsha by Uzma Babar

    Umsha Couture is a boutique label founded by Uzma Babar in 2010 and specializing in pret, luxury couture, and bridals. Uzma has established an acute recognition among her discerning audience for the ability to work with traditional cultural artistry, merging design with an array of modern and classic cuts and drapery.
  28. Wardha Saleem

    Wardha Saleem

    Wardha Saleem has proven to be one of the most consistently creative talents in our young fashion industry. The designer who is also the CEO of Fashion Pakistan  Council is a textile scientist who lives and breathes blending beautiful colors and inventing dynamic print play.
  29. Yasmeen Jiwa

    Yasmeen Jiwa

    Yasmeen Jiwa is one of the true fashion legends of Pakistan, having built her label brick by brick over the last twenty three years. She is renowned both at home and abroad for her exotic, luxuriant bridals and formals and recently has expanded her label into retail pret and luxury pret wear as well. Her invaluable experience and innate aesthetic shines through all her creations be they pret, formal, or bridals.
  30. Yasmin Zaman

    Yasmin Zaman

    Yasmin Zaman's eponymous label has within the span of a few years established an eclectic niche clientele and is well respected for her tasteful and elegant design aesthetic. She specializes in traditional handcrafts carved onto rich, pure fabrics assembled in a variety of distinctly classic and contemporary silhouettes. 

  31. Yoc’a


    Established in 2006, YOCA, or Young Collective Artists, is a premium Home Couture brand that surfaced from the synergies between three artists; Zayd Bilgrami, Ahsan Najmi and Sarah Najmi Bilgrami who together, bring with them a combination of inspirational creativity, seasoned industry exposure and academic design credentials from the coveted Rhode Island School of Design. 
  32. Yusra Masood

    Yusra Masood

    Yusra Masood creates urban chic semi-formal and formal kurtas in stylish new cuts. Her clothes are simple and elegant. Without using fussy embellishments her designs are minimally detailed and unique. She uses unique block print and embroidery on back motifs using simple borders and decorative buttons in the front to complete the look.
  33. Zahra Habib Footwear

    Zahra Habib Footwear

    Zahra Habib is a pioneer in creating hand crafted sandals using the finest quality of snake skin, silks, satins, and leathers decorated with extravagant Swarovski crystals and other embellishments. She has gained tremendous popularity among young women for her eccentric animal and insect themed stone worked decorative flats. Her creations are a rare combination of beauty and comfort. 
  34. Zainab Chottani

    Zainab Chottani

    Zainab Chottani started out her career as a bridal designer however over the years she has rediscovered herself and broadened her horizons to include fusion pret and haute couture. She is am immensely hard working designer who is constantly trying to explore new avenues to create innovative and original lines ranging from traditional to contemporary. 
  35. Zainab Salman

    Zainab Salman

    Zainab Salman's collections celebrate the beauty and elegance of women all over Pakistan. Using the most delicate of fabrics including silk and lace garnished with the sparkle of beads, sequins and crystals she adds exquisite glamour and a rich, luxuriant appeal to her creations.
  36. Zara Shahjahan

    Zara Shahjahan

    Zara Shahjahan started her design career in 2004 after graduating from the prestigious National College of Arts (NCA) in Lahore. Over the years her design house has grown beyond borders due to her understanding of different cultural genres of style. She recently opened her flagship store in her home town of Lahore in Spring 2012. 
  37. Zari Faisal

    Zari Faisal

    Zari Faisal is an upcoming fresh, young designer who brings a clothing line that looks to incorporate some fun and style into your wardrobe. Her fashion philosophy is simple; trendy, elegant and most importantly affordable, with a focus on good cuts and exquisite fabrics.
  38. Zeen


    Although a relatively new high street label for womenswear , Zeen is backed by the solid reputation of its parent brand Cambridge, a specialist in menswear since 1973. It has recently expanded into Zeen Women with the opening of its flagship outlet in Dolmen Mall Karachi and from the go has impressed with their fine quality of fabric and fresh design approach to affordable pret and unstitched cottons. 
  39. Zohra Alam

    Zohra Alam

    Zohra Alam is an exclusive new private label located in Karachi. She specializes in digital printing techniques and recently launched her debut collection of Mughal prints. Her work exudes luxury and authenticity. Zohra offers an innovative range of silk prints using edgy silhouettes.
  40. Zonia Anwaar

    Zonia Anwaar

    Zonia Anwaar is a private label based in Lahore. A high fashion couturist Zonia caters to both ready-to-wear pret markets and formal couture. Her expertise lies in "practical silhouettes with use of experimental cut lines with new tints and hues". Having shown at multiple fashion platforms, Zonia's collections are for the modern woman that sets herself with an individual sense of style.