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  1. Kiran Fine Jewelry

    Kiran Fine Jewelry

    Kiran Aman launched her eponymous jewelry label Kiran Fine Jewelry in 2003. A truly creative and versatile designer, Kiran's collections are symbolic of the women for whom she designs. She strongly believes that her jewelry design aesthetic is often a manifestation and indeed an extension of her emotions. 
  2. L'atelier


    Since its inception in 2010, the trend-setting entrepreneurial team behind L’atelier - Ahsan, Sadaf, Sarah and Zahra Raza, have established a new benchmark for designer retails, imbued with an ambiance of luxury offering the ultimate in high end shopping experiences.
  3. Labels


    Labels has been a pioneer of casual western clothing in Pakistan opening its doors in 1996. Since its inception it has evolved a number of times keeping pace with international fashion trends. Today Labels has become Pakistan’s premier multi-designer store retailing fine clothing, accessories, hand bags and precious jewelery  essentially catering to the strong and independent woman of Pakistan.
  4. Lakhany Silk Mills

    Lakhany Silk Mills

    Established over half a century ago, Lakhany Silk Mills Private Limited (LSM) is one of Pakistan’s leading manufacturers of textiles. It has built a strong, steady and long-standing reputation as being a pioneer in Pakistan’s fashion industry. From humble beginnings in 1952 to the Summer Collection of 2015, LSM has not only thrived in a competitive environment, but has evolved and progressed into a market leader, being a innovator that introduces trends that become fashion staples in Pakistan’s textile industry.

  5. Layla Chatoor

    Layla Chatoor

    Layla Chatoor has been creating ethereal bridal trousseau since 1994. She recently made her debut at Loreal Paris Bridal Week this year after her recent staggering showcase at the launch of PFDC Boulevard, India. She is renowned for her exotic miniature detailing and thread work that exudes panache and elegance down to the last stitch.
  6. Maheen Karim

    Maheen Karim

    Maheen Karim is a ready to wear label pioneering women’s western evening wear in Pakistan. Maheen has captured a niche market locally and internationally due to her innovative silhouettes and use of opulent fabrics. Specializing in luxury cocktail wear as well as pret-a-porter Maheen Karim is a brand synonymous with elegance and glamour.
  7. Mahin Hussain Accessories

    Mahin Hussain Accessories

    Mahin Hussain Accessories is an eponymous label specializing in leather and canvas handbags. The designs are simple yet bold. Leather satchels were introduced in 2013 & have become extremely popular amongst the college goers and working woman. 
  8. Maliha by Maliha Tabani

    Maliha by Maliha Tabani

    MALIHA was founded in 2015 by Maliha Tabani. This UK based brand takes pride in creating luxuriously chic and classic designs that are influenced by a fusion of the Western and the Eastern worlds. Maliha’s inspiration draws from the vibrant cultures of both diverging worlds and nature’s beauty.
  9. Mango


    Mango is one of the world's largest highstreet western pret retailers established in 1984 in Barcelona and a favorite among women, men, and teens globally. The much loved label expanded into Pakistan in 2012 with outlets in Karachi and Lahore and its popularity has been unparalleled since, being the only one of its kind internationally recognized brand in the country.
  10. Mantra


    Founded in 2003 as a day to evening lifestyle brand, Mantra was one of the first western contemporary brands in Karachi to design and sell signature fashion at great value. Today, it is one of the top trending high street labels for young women and teens offering collections that are current and edgy for the girl who likes to style her own look from top to toe.
  11. Maria Ali

    Maria Ali

    Maria Ali is a boutique label synonymous with creating alluring feminine eastern pret, formal wedding wear, and bridal couture. The designer graduated from the prestigious Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture and immediately founded her own label having had a natural inclination and talent for designing clothes. Over a decade of experience, combined with her innate creative abilities has led to her to establish a respectable stature amongst her loyal clientèle.
  12. Maria. B.

    Maria. B.

    The MARIA.B. brand has been woven into the fabric of Pakistani fashion over the course of fifteen years since its inception. It is  Pakistan’s leading designer brand with a vast retail network providing multiple ranges of affordable designer wear for women. The eponymous brand was launched in 1999 with a vision to revolutionise and make accessible, women’s retail in the country  following Maria’s graduation from the prestigious Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design (PIFD) where she was the school’s first Valedictorian in 1998. 
  13. Mariam Bukhari

    Mariam Bukhari

    Mariam Bukhari is an up and coming Karachi based luxury pret label that is quickly carving an up market niche for its quintessential yet on trend eastern wear. Founded in 2013 Mariam has a passion for creating the perfect outfit for any occasion, therefore her expertise lies in both formal occasion wear and fusion pret. 
  14. Mariyam D.Rizwan

    Mariyam D.Rizwan

    Mariyam D. Rizwan is a privately owned design house established in 2015, offering exclusive Prêt and Luxury Prêt. Having graduated from the prestigious Chelsea School of Arts & Design London and Post-Grad from Central Saint Martins, the designer has worked with names such as Ted Baker, Alexander McQueen, and H&M. 

  15. Masarrat Misbah Makeup

    Masarrat Misbah Makeup

    In 2014, MM Makeup was formed by esteemed makeup artist Masarrat Misbah as a solution to the lack of high quality, affordable, and locally accessible makeup in Pakistan. In just under a year MM makeup has carved a niche for itself as an innovative purity based Halal Certified beauty brand.
  16. Mashaim's by Noveera Khan

    Mashaim's by Noveera Khan

    Mashaim's is a multi -brand designer store by Noveera Khan bringing some of the finest designer collections from Pakistan to North America. The label prides itself on its personalized services, exhibiting the highest level of professionalism and providing access to clothing in every budget and any occasion. 

  17. Mélange


    Mélange is a premier multi-label outlet founded by Samina Lakhani stocking a diverse range of Pakistan's most sought after designer labels all under one roof. The Islamabad based boutique serves as a single point, easy access platform to meet fashion needs for all occasions from daily wear to formal ensembles including jewelry, and accessories for the modern style conscious woman.

  18. Mehdi


    Most recognized for its entrancing bridal and formal wear, Mehdi has been playing a valuable role in Subcontinental Pakistani fashion for almost a decade. Mohammad Mehdi, a graduate of PSFD (affiliated with La Chambre Syndicate de la Couture Parisienne, France) took up his passion for sculpture and pottery after completing his degree but decided to switch to fashion designing in 2002, by creating a small collection. The success of that collection led to launch of the brand Mehdi in 2004.
  19. Mehreen Noorani

    Mehreen Noorani

    Mehreen Noorani is a Dubai based fashion designer whose label sells in Dubai, India, Hong Kong and New York. Locally Mehreen Noorani retails at Ensemble, in Karachi and Lahore. Currently residing in Dubai, the designer is a Karachi native and has graduated from New York’s prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), where she majored in Fashion Design.
  20. Menahel and Mehreen

    Menahel and Mehreen

    Menahel and Mehreen is an established high end couture label specializing in bridal and formal creations with a select range of ready-to-wear pieces. The signature label of the design team of the two sisters Menahel Majid and Mehreen Farooq Khan is widely celebrated both at home and abroad for its elaborately worked luxury pieces.
  21. Mina Hasan

    Mina Hasan

    Established in 2002, the Mina Hasan label prides itself on creating clothes that are, alluring and regal, in keeping with her royal background as the daughter of the legendary Noor Jahan. The designer's pieces bear an air of magnificence and extravagance. Using majestic traditional flowing silhouettes, embellished with elaborate hand crafted embroidery each creation is a portrait of beauty.

  22. Mina Siddique

    Mina Siddique

    Putting her heart and soul into each piece, Mina Siddique uses her talent to create soulful pieces that range from home decor to fashion accessories. Blending chic elegance with definitive emotion the result is a boho-chic as well as classic traditional range of avant-garde lamps with strong statement themes, leather and silk cushions with a medley of bright color tones, hand worked ensembles, custom made handbags, one of a kind scarves and much more!
  23. MIRI by Mera Anwar

    MIRI by Mera Anwar

    New York based label MIRI  by Mera Anwar was born at New York Fashion Week 2010, however it was not until just recently that the chic young brand came to Pakistan with their first Trunk Show held at Labels, Karachi. One of the few genuinely credible western fashion boutique brands in Pakistan, MIRI combines haute couture elements with edgy modern and vintage trends.

  24. Misha Lakhani

    Misha Lakhani

    Misha Lakhani is a prêt-à-porter and haute couture label born out of Karachi in 2012. Driven by a celebration of craftsmanship and heritage, the brand is always looking to reinterpret the traditions of couture techniques. Expect an eclectic mix of old crafts and modern ideas
  25. Momina Teli

    Momina Teli

    Momina Teli has a keen sense of fusion aesthetics that she instills in her alluring line of formals and luxury pret wear. She has studied History of Art and Furniture at the esteemed Institute Villa Pierrefeu and continued her education at Pennsylvania State University, where she received an associate degree in management sciences.

  26. Morri


    Morri is a brand new high fashion label in Pakistan that caters to the modern woman who adores her independence, beauty and confidence. Founded by a dynamic team of entrepreneurs that possess a deep understanding of fashion design and the fashion industry, Morri introduces a unique take on eastern fashion with its fresh cutting edge designs. With the team comprising of Shad Mustufa, Amna Zaidi and Hammad Sadiq, the former two being entrepreneurs of the Textile Marketing Company and the latter a designer by training from PIFD, Morri will surely take the high fashion eastern wear concept to new heights.
  27. Mubashira Usman

    Mubashira Usman

    Mubashira Usman, employs a feminine approach to pret, formal and bridal wear by fusing dainty classic and contemporary designs. Founding her label in 2010 the designer has progressively gained recognition for her elegant ensembles hand crafted with minute attention to details.
  28. Muse Fashion

    Muse Fashion

    MUSE is a contemporary womenswear fashion line inspired by the style, romance, and magic of Paris. Observing the fashionable Parisian women and their unique style, the designers wanted to transport these qualities back home. Therefore they created Muse, a sophisticated, chic, and luxurious label that combines the beauty of the city and the chic Parisian style aesthetic.
  29. Nadia Ellahi

    Nadia Ellahi

    Nadia Ellahi established her design career in 2008. Her clothing line comprises luxury bridal and formal wear coupled with trendy pret and chic western tops. She is a versatile designer who is equally talented in creating contemporary eastern ensembles and modern trendsetting fusion wear.
  30. Nadia Farooqui

    Nadia Farooqui

    Nadia Farooqui's Pret Studio is a delightfully inviting place that accomodates clothes fit for any occasion. The outlet is a spacious one with racks filled with outfits ranging from trendy casuals and flowy chiffons to heavy formals in exquisitely detailed innovative and classic cuts.
  31. Nadia Lakdawala

    Nadia Lakdawala

    Nadia Lakdawala is a familiar and established name at home and abroad. Designing since 1999, Nadia's exclusive line of Pret wear and Couture is a unique fusion of colors arranged aesthetically with an emphasis on cuts and draping.

  32. Nadia Rehan

    Nadia Rehan

    Nadia Rehan's has been working under her signature label for the past sixteen years. Her collections comprise a range of smart casuals, luxury pret wear, and classic formals. Nadia's style ethos is based on modern elegance as she blends together multicultural silhouettes with traditional handcrafts.
  33. Nakshi by Almas Ismail

    Nakshi by Almas Ismail

    Nakshi was founded by Almas Ismail in 2007 with the idea to bring together vintage hand crafts with contemporary distinctive designs that are a class apart. Identified for its delicacy of woven thread works and intricate traditional hand work, Nakshi has grown over the years from a singular in-house workshop into an eclectic boutique offering entrancing luxury pret and accessories along with an exclusive line of decorative silverware.
  34. Natasha Durrani

    Natasha Durrani

    Natasha Durrani launched her signature label in 2009 with the aim of designing beautiful yet affordable smart casuals and classic formals. She has attracted a huge client base both locally and internationally due to her abilities to produce creative and imaginative designs. Her design philosophy is classic, minimalistic and elegant. 

  35. Naushemian


    Naushemian, the brand has earned their well-deserved reputation of manufacturing the most aesthetically pleasing groom wear solutions available in the local market. With a team of professional designers, tailors and style specialists, Naushemian is presently one of the leading groom wear brands throughout Pakistan.Ranging from exclusively designed sherwani’s to top-of-the-line majestic looking turbans, Naushemian’s groom wear apparel is valued among the customers. Whereas their traditional, exquisite and delicate Lenghas and formal wear satisfies the tastes of Naushemian’s brides.
  36. Nazish Hussain Couture

    Nazish Hussain Couture

    Nazish Hussain obtained her education in design from the acclaimed Asian Institute of Fashion Design (AIFD) and has been specializing in womens Eastern wear for over five years. Her passion and keen understanding of the evolved Pakistani woman has provided her with a vision beyond that of the ordinary connoisseur.
  37. Nazli Akbar

    Nazli Akbar

    Nazli Akbar is well known amongst the highest echelons of discerning fashionistas for her alluring couture creations. The designer has been specializing in creating the perfect marriage between glamourous silhouettes and the essence of heritage handcrafts for over fifteen years.
  38. Nevaeh by Hafsa Khan

    Nevaeh by Hafsa Khan

    Featuring upbeat designs at high value prices, nevaeH offers a chic range of clothing, jewellery and accessories that make a trendy statement whilst exhibiting timeless class. Exhibiting consistently every other month with a fresh seasonal series of eclectic pieces inspired by the latest trends that exude an eye-catching style, there is a certain cutting edge about nevaeH that sets it apart from the rest of the crowd. 

  39. Nickie Nina

    Nickie Nina

    Founded in 2000 the designers work with a variety of luxury fabrics, innovatively fusing different textures and aesthetically pleasing color scheming. Each piece is uniquely handcrafted using a range of diverse methods such as wasli, karchob, zardozi, silk threads, semi-precious stones and swarovski crystals.

  40. Nida Ali

    Nida Ali

    Nida Ali entered the fashion industry in 2004 with her debut lawn collection. Since then she has expanded into Pret and Bridal Couture and by 2008 had carved a niche for herself in Luxury Pret wear. Flamboyance, vivacity, and a unique blend of traditional embellishments on modern cuts is what describes the label best