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Fashion Investigative Report- The ‘FIR’ of Velo Sound Station Season 2
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Fashion Investigative Report- The ‘FIR’ of Velo Sound Station Season 2

Velo Sound Station Season 2 just concluded, leaving us all entertained with its groovy tracks and mind-blowing videos. This season truly catered to the Gen Z’s desire for style and funk, embracing a futuristic approach that took the entertainment industry by storm. With 13 original tracks and complementing videos, the show not only showcased exceptional musical talent but also pushed the boundaries of fashion with its extravagant and futuristic styling. It became our ultimate guide to rocking the fashion game. Let’s take up the role of fashion police and revisit the sizzling style moments that stole the show.  

#1:Diva Alert: Mahira Khan Turns Up the Heat with Her Killer Boss Lady Look
Let’s start with the ultimate show stopper of the season, Mahira Khan the Diva Queen, who slayed it in her black suit, high ponytail, and a sparkling neckpiece. She unleashed her never-seen-before avatar and straight up set the season on fire with that boss lady look! Who could have resisted the ‘Nakhray’ of our Diva with this killer look.

#2: The King of Pop Reigns as a Style Chameleon: Atif Aslam’s Fashion Transformations
Next has to be the one and only Atif Aslam, the King of Pop’s drastic fashion transformations. In this season, Atif took his music and fashion game to the next level. Did you catch him rocking that cool blue suit in ‘Mangan Aiyan’? Suave and stylish! And on the very next go transforming into the boy-next-door look with his jacket. He really showed us how to carry hotness with cool. 

#3: The Retro Style Icon Bringing Back the Cool Factor!
Umair Jaswal caused a major stir with his retro charm! Sporting a clean-shaven look and those vintage long-collared shirts, he took us on an epic blast from the past. With serious style game, Umair brought back the coolness of old-school vibes in full force. We can’t help but go “Hmm Yeah” to this stylish dude and his timeless charm.

#4: Neon Fever Unleashed- Bilal Saeed Lights Up Velo Sound Station Season 2 Debut
This season, summer fashion brought the heat, and neon took the spotlight. Colorful neons were the talk of the town, setting a vibrant trend. But the ultimate moment that stole the show was Bilal Saeed, lighting up the stage with his epic neon suit. Something that cannot be missed! It was his very first appearance on a music show, and he made one hell of an entrance! Smartly highlighting his presence, he stood out from the crowd, adding an extra touch of funk to an otherwise casual suit. 

#5: Defying Conventions with Style
Meesha Shafi, a true fashion icon, fearlessly showcased her boldness in a striking white kamino paired with boots. Meesha’s fashion choices go beyond mere ornamentation; they are a statement of empowerment. In a world of trends, she teaches us how to be rebelliously fashionable. 

#6: The Sparkling Bold Fashion
Be it Natasha Noorani’s killer ‘Chamkeela’ eye look, Yasmeen Hashmi’s head-turning silver suit, or Aima Baig’s dazzling eye sequence, these ladies had us all starry-eyed and obsessed with their glitter and shine. They definitely set some fierce fashion goals for all the girls out there! Get ready to slay, ladies!

#7: Elevating Style with Jacket Jam
Let’s not forget the guys who rocked the jacket game! From Atif Aslam’s swanky Louis Vuitton denim jacket to Shamoon Ismail’s edgy brown leather jacket and Ahsan Pervaiz’s plush green velvet jacket, these boys were on fire. The girls brought their A-game too, with Yasmeen dazzling in that glittery silver suit and Zoha Zuberi flaunting those vibrant colored blazers. Talk about standing out!

#8: Hair styles
Mahira Khan’s high ponytail, Meesha Shafi’s unconventional hair buns, Yasmeen Hashmi’s cute bob, Umair Jaswal’s messy hairdo to Hydr’s side part nicely combed hair, we saw a variety of hair styling going on. We got enough options to pick from and experiment with our looks and carry our favourite star’s looks.  

#9: Hair Flair Galore
Velo Sound Station Season 2 was a hair styling extravaganza! The stars brought a variety of trendy hairstyles to the stage, giving us plenty of options to pick from and experiment with our own looks. Whether you’re into the fierce high ponytail like Mahira, the edgy unconventional buns like Meesha, the chic bob like Yasmeen, the effortlessly cool messy hairdo like Umair, or the polished side part like Hydr, there was a hairstyle to match every mood and vibe.

Velo Sound Station Season 2 fused music and fashion flawlessly, creating an electrifying atmosphere. The performers’ dynamic fashion choices showcased their versatility and adaptability. The ever-changing fashion landscape kept us on our toes, leaving us eager for more!

As we say goodbye to Season 2, we can’t help but wonder what’s in store for the next season. But until then, let’s keep the tunes humming and the fashion fever alive. Velo Sound Station has definitely set the bar high!

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