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VELO Sound Station tops the Style game once again!
Style Notes

VELO Sound Station tops the Style game once again!

The debut launch of Asim Azhar on the set of VELO Sound Station has left us all in awe. This song is the perfect entertainment mix – top artist, exciting beat, and an eclectic visual experience!

What really caught our attention is the fashion inspiration we see throughout the video – Boy, are we drooling over the ensemble that Asim Azhar brought to the dance floor! From Asim’s uber-cool style to Aima’s chic look, here we have for you every style-statement we loved from the digital video.

Asim does it perfectly with the maroon jacket and pants. You can never go wrong pairing any look with the ultimate white sneaker. A must have closet accessory that’s fashionable, comfy and not to forget, makes those dance moves all the better!

Aima’s classy black dress paired with the signature ponytail is the perfect look for those parties and sundowners kicking in! Her in-trend black boots are season’s hit we all need in our closet. Did you also check her silver earrings? Aren’t we loving them?

Even the costume design for the audience, seen grooving on Asim’s number, gives us some major style inspiration. Every statement piece in the audience, has its own unique element on the blended composition of the overall stage colour-scheme. 

Overall, the video infuses Pop-Style in the perfect mix. we’re now eager to see what style statements the second edition of the platform has to offer! 

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