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Need to Dress Professionally, Semi-Formally, Casually or for Your Wedding; Rici Melion Has the Best Off-The-Rack Men’s Suits!
Style Notes

Need to Dress Professionally, Semi-Formally, Casually or for Your Wedding; Rici Melion Has the Best Off-The-Rack Men’s Suits!

Unlike women, men have a select few attires that can be adorned, and hence choosing the right brand is all the more important to stand out, feel great and build an everlasting wardrobe. Rici Melion has, from its very inception, dressed men from all walks of life and has originated solely as a bespoke couture house. The reason behind giving its brief history is so their patrons can better understand how they legitimately understand the essence of a unique, one of a kind, perfectly personalized tailored attire in comparison to a Ready-to-wear or off the rack men’s suit. The best part is, with the hands on experience, years of painstaking pattern development and the incorporation of cutting edge technology alongside their creative director Mr. Noaman Zakir’s passion in suits cutting and tailoring, they have brought to life off the racks suits that are hands down equivalent to say the least if not better than bespoke suits. “The dream is to produce suits that are the most beautiful rendering of one’s silhouette, and accentuates every possible attribute of our honorable patron” says the creative director.

“I looked at least 2 inches thinner, my height didn’t feel as short as I usually feel, and I danced my way in the Rici Melion suit that fitted like a glove” – Jerod Leon, our patron from New Jersey.

Let’s break it down, from the most important day of your life, the one day any to everyone would want to look his best, feel their best and obviously wear the best. That is exactly what Rici Melion understands, and mark our words and the words of our patrons, we really know how to play with cut lines, fabrics and color shades that will guarantee you to look the best version of yourself.

Well, you must be thinking how do we do it? Seems too good to be true? Well, the truth is, unless you understand how a jacket is cut, and the proportions given to every panel to the points at which each jacket’s seam allowances are given, it can be difficult. However, we can explain it by two simple instances, firstly we increase the number of points where we measure out a jacket that results in the jacket being more precisely tailored hence, naturally more precisely fit to your body (that is where the fits like a glove saying comes to life). Secondly, we play with our proportions that are exclusive to the Rici Melion tailoring rulebook. For instance, we have a different point at which we mark our pockets as we understand that just the mere placement being slightly enhanced can make or break your jacket’s cut line at the waist ultimately. There are countless in depth aspects apart from these two, but as they say seeing (or feeling) is believing, when you adorn a Rici Melion off the rack suit you will understand the tremendous difference in every way that our fine products have.

Want to dress professionally? Remember, for every form of dressing, priorities are different as well as the price bracket one is willing to go for. When you’re dressing professionally you would naturally want to invest in something that would be great value for money, gives the wearer comfort and confidence and has the quality tailoring and fabrics that can take a beating from traveling, being worn day in and day out and as wrinkle free as they get. Rici Melion provides all that and more, with their free stylist consultations that go beyond our very own merchandise so much as advising on the haircut that would make your overall look become a lot better and minute details such as the socks you should pair along the suits and shoes.

Lastly, when it comes to semi-formal and casual dressing Rici Melion understands that comfort and ease is at the top of the list of priorities and the attires being lightweight, more relaxed silhouettes and ultra-soft fabrics all funnel down to giving the best semi-formal and casual wear experience. Alongside these basics, Rici Melion being a designer label and the headquarters having a tremendous team of designers, merchandisers and an extensive R&D department allows the complete offering mix to be what would be considered fashion forward, distinct and above all quality that is surpassed from all fronts. In closing, Rici Melion is a fashion house that truly believes in putting their patrons first, in delivering the finest not only with the astounding product mix but also the unmatchable experience, for our patrons are not patrons for once, they are for life.

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