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The Chocolatto Ad film: Where Indulgence meets Fashion!
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The Chocolatto Ad film: Where Indulgence meets Fashion!

Chocolatto, the chocolate-filled cookie, with the promise of ‘It’s Special Inside’ has made a strong link with indulgence ever since its launch. The rich chocolate cream-filled cookie invites the user to indulge in a divine chocolate experience, as was showcased in its recent TVC starring the charismatic, Syra Yousuf.

Chocolate may be food but it is nonetheless a purely indulgent food at any time of day. Enter the chocolate cookie, one of life’s best-loved pleasures. As consumers, we’re always looking for snacks that are chocolate-centric to be oozing with chocolate, which the new Chocolatto is all about. Beautifully depicted in the TVC, the essence of deep, rich, and milky chocolate was on display and it made mouths water even more when the chocolate swirled around the magical face of Syra, dressed delightfully in red. That high-end fashion and indulgence are inexorably intertwined, is a well-known consumer insight, and the TVC was spot on in delivering that with the actress’s divine and bold look.

Shehla Asghar, Brand Manager at Bisconni said, “Chocolatto is a special experience and we wanted our consumers to have access to the best. The look and feel we aimed for was rich in texture and visually very grand. It was almost a movie sequence type opulence that we aimed for and, the focus was on the swirl of chocolate and the beautiful model who was indulging in the magical experience of Chocolatto.”

The Chocolatto experience created in the ad is the manifestation of what it feels like to take a bite into a cookie bursting with chocolate. It takes the consumer to the edge of their seat wanting more and stirs up the desire to indulge in a crispy from the outside and gooey from the inside cookie made for a chocolate lover, satisfying every sweet craving.

Chocolatto has recently aired its TVC across media platforms, with Syra Yousuf as the dynamic new face of the brand. The Chocolatto girl is seen seeking indulgence while being portrayed as the epitome of fashion. The TVC gained media limelight across digital platforms, where consumers applauded the high-end production value and were all praises for the international look and feel.

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