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Health Kick: Your Go To Guide To Getting Fit This Season!

Health Kick: Your Go To Guide To Getting Fit This Season!

Whether you ate junk food all throughout lockdown, were too lazy to get up and exercise or just too busy with long work from home hours, it seems like everyone is ready to get back in shape by eating right, hitting the gym or simply adopting a healthier lifestyle. We’ve compiled a list of gyms, healthy food delivery spots and workout gear to get you in the right frame of mind to get on your health grind for the rest of the year, check out our go to guide below:

Sweet Greens

For yummy hearty healthy meals, sweet greens is the place for you if you don’t have the time or energy to cook for yourself!

Studio X

Studio X is back with their iconic Spin X classes –
these workouts are intense but so worth it.
Juice Pressery

That post workout green juice just hits different, with a wide variety of flavors and options to choose from – The Juice Pressery is our go to spot for cold pressed fresh juice.
My Gym By Bikku
Following all SOP’s this is one gym you can safely workout comfortably. Offering a variety of classes as well as personal training, this place will get you back in shape in no time.
Healthy Guts

Flavored kombucha is the way to go- can’t start that healthy lifestyle
without a healthy gut!
Teefit Fashion 

A little retail therapy goes a long way- nothing will put you in the mood to exercise like brand new workout gear.

Sugar free, gluten free brownies for when you just can’t kick your sugar cravings, these perfectly sweet morsels will have you satiated without the guilt!

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