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Gift Guide: Our Go-To Eid Gifts for the holidays
Gift Guide

Gift Guide: Our Go-To Eid Gifts for the holidays

Eid is less than a week away so we thought it was time to create the perfect Eid gift guide. A little token of appreciation always goes a long way and we’ve featured some of our favorite restaurants, keepsakes brands and home bakeries on this list! Whether you’re looking for perfectly made boxes filled with oud and a tasbih from Keepsakes By Zantiana, a basket filled to the rim with your favorite baked goods and jams from Cote Rotie or how about a basket of assorted chocolates from Lals!

Whether you’re sending these to a loved one you won’t get to meet on Eid or simply bringing it home to binge and treat the family- we’ve picked out some seriously drool worthy goodies just in time for Eid. Scroll down and have a look for yourself! 

@Keepsakes By Zantiana
@Cote Roti
@Lals Chocolates
@Chatterbox Deli
@Test Kitchen By Okra

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