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The Secret Word: A tête-à-tête With The Brains Behind Jaipur & Co, Mariam Sheikh!
The Secret Word

The Secret Word: A tête-à-tête With The Brains Behind Jaipur & Co, Mariam Sheikh!

Formally Established in 2015 Jaipur & Co. Jewelry has made a name in the industry at the forefront of design and quality. Founder and Creative Head Mariam Sheikh, an MBA and now successful businesswoman has changed the dynamics of the statement jewelry market and has encouraged thousands of women worldwide to invest in affordable luxury. 

Q: What made you become a jewelry designer?

I have lived many lives in many parts of the world & I embrace what comes to me wholeheartedly. I was on a trip to India & was introduced to the world of statement Jewelry. I learnt most of the craft on that trip & was fixated on it for months when I went back to America. I finally gave in to my calling & curated the first collection for an exhibition in Chicago in 2015, there has been no looking back ever since.

Q: What’s it like working in such a competitive industry?

I love competition, however there is not much competition for Jaipur & Co. as of now. To consider any entity as competition they must be parallel to us in some way. As for Pakistan, a handful of people who are working without even having a registered company are not our competition. Our client’s trust our ethics and feel comfortable with us as we provide the most premium online experience with the most trusted corporate partners who deliver worldwide.

Q: Does Jaipur & Co work take up most of your day or do you manage to get some time to yourself?

As a hands on mother of a toddler and my workaholic nature I want to be honest and say No. However I feel proud to say that I have never hired any help to look after my son & still managed to never let it affect my work. A cup of coffee when I wake up in the morning with my kid running circles around me, while I go over the nights online sales report is the closest to what I have as ‘me time’ – I love it and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Q: An accessory you wear everyday?

I wear my wedding ring every day & now my son’s name etched on a delicate chain necklace. Both bring me immense joy.

Q: Tell us what you feel the Jaipur and Co woman represents?

The Jaipur & Co. Woman has broken stereo types and knows what she wants in life. She’s strong and she is wise – From the bride who choses to wear Jaipur & Co. on her wedding & saves her money to be financially independent after, to the girl that bought a pair of solitaire style earrings for daily use, these women define a brand that works with fashion and logic.

Q: Has the current situation given you the chance to design more jewelry collections, or has it been a period of introspection and relaxation?

The current situation has resulted in a lot of online shopping as people simply had time to do so. I feel our clients had a period of introspection and decided that they don’t want to tie up large sums of money in real jewelry in the future. Luckily we have flourished in these trying times however, our manufacturing process saw delays due to international lockdowns and that has been very stressful. So there has been no banana bread baking for the Jaipur & Co.  work family.

Q: Where do you see Jaipur & Co in ten years?

My vision for the success of Jaipur & Co. is to be the ‘go to’ brand for luxury statement jewels. I always have a hundred ideas up my sleeve, but currently I am enjoying the vision of our Online Store become a reality. We launched in October 2019 and have  become stronger with every passing day & for that I am eternally grateful to our patrons worldwide.

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