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In The Spotlight!: Mahgul Talks Sustainable Products!
In the Spotlight

In The Spotlight!: Mahgul Talks Sustainable Products!

If there’s one thing Mahgul has strived to achieve, it is making whatever concept or product focused on sustainability. From heading the helm at Sapphire to steering her own brand, Mahgul Farooq has made it a point to include her mindful purpose in each opportunity. MAHGUL has just launched her spring summer lawn collection, An Eclectic Spring. Though lawn is considered more of a commercial fashion product, MAHGUL’s aim was to highlight and share the initiative of going completely plastic-free, using recycled fabric for its packaging. Mahgul has been focusing on sustainable fashion for all their product ranges.

When asked what she had to say about it, Mahgul Farooq said, “Fashion as an industry creates a lot of waste. Cutting waste, leftover threads, snippets etc. We thought to try and put that waste to good use instead of adding to the copious pollutants in the environment. We found a factory that was willing to convert this waste in to fabric for us and voila, we had a fully recycled lawn bag! The entire raw material of the bags front comes from stitching factory left over waste – it’s a small step, but hopefully one that everyone will adopt so it can make a big impact.” Scroll down to check out more!

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