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In The Spotlight!: Ansab Jahangir and Zoha Shakir Talk Working With Their Mom!
In the Spotlight

In The Spotlight!: Ansab Jahangir and Zoha Shakir Talk Working With Their Mom!

From coming out with breathtakingly beautiful formal and bridals to setting new trends with their colorful festive pieces, Ansab Jahangir has shown that they’ve got something for everyone. Within the brand is a mother daughter dynamic that has taken them from one stage to the next. Ansab Jahangir along with her sister Zoha Shakir sit down and discuss not only what it’s like to work alongside their mother, Sakina Shakir, but also their fondest memories and appreciation of the trust and understanding that comes with working with each other. Scroll down to check out more!

Tell us about the different roles you guys take on at Ansab Jahangir?

Ansab is the Creative Head, Zoha is the Brand Manager and our mother is the C.O.O. of our company

What’s the highlight of working with your mom? 

Since both of us are married, it’s the best way to stay connected with our mother every single day.

Would you encourage everyone to work alongside their families in their ventures? 

It can go either way. For us we would definitely encourage family businesses because brands require trust, patience and mutual understanding.

Can you recall one of your fondest memories you’ve shared with your mother? 

Ansab: When I delivered my first child, my mom made sure I got some sleep while she stayed sleepless for the nights to come. She made my motherhood journey super easy and unreal.

Zoha: When I was a child, my mom would ask me to skip school and rest because she didn’t want me to get tired.

What’s it like when the three of you get together and work on upcoming collections?

We usually get together and formulate a work plan. Once that’s decided we move towards execution. There are some tense moments and difference of opinions along the way but with an unwavering common desire to achieve perfection

What’s the one thing you admire about your mother? 

Ansab: Her resilience and strength

Zoha: She truly is a super woman. She can handle the most difficult tasks with such ease, it’s admirable.

What’s your favorite dish from your mother’s cooking?

Ansab: Biryani

Zoha: She makes amazing Baked Masala Chicken

What’s the one thing you’ve learned from your mother that you’d like to pass down to your children?

Ansab: To be selfless and kind to others

Zoha: Always be god-fearing and stay grounded

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