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In The Spotlight!: Zara Abid Talks Originality!
In the Spotlight

In The Spotlight!: Zara Abid Talks Originality!

From being discovered by Nighat Misbah to making modeling her passion, the beautiful Zara Abid shares glimpses of her journey as well as her opinion on what makes a model distinct. Scroll down to check out more!

Tell us about how you ventured into modelling? Was it a lifelong dream or something you happened to find yourself doing?

I was discovered by Rizwan Ul Haq & Nighat Misbah. Modelling was never a dream, but now it’s my passion

You’ve been apart of numerous campaigns and shows – do you feel you’re used to the excitement or does it fade away with time? 

no, it never fades. All the campaigns I do really matter to me as I put in a lot of effort. Being a part of powerhouse campaigns + shows really excites me!

In your opinion, what makes a model distinct? 

Effort. Being different. The ones who experiment! 

What is the one thing you’d like to advocate on behalf of all models? 

to the designers, the people who hire us, shoot with us, please be gentle to us! We are here to work hard. Let your opinions move aside & listen to us too. Modelling takes a lot of effort. 

What makes you distinct? 

My complexion. I thank the lord for blessing me with a complexion which I’m not afraid of anymore. It used to be a hinderance before, but not anymore. I’m thankful! 

Can you tell us about one specific challenge that enlightened you? 

My strength, standing against people ridiculing on my skin tone. That was quite a challenge for me. & there were people by my side for my support in this challenge! 

What is something you’d say to an aspiring model? 

Hope! Courage! Work hard! Focus on your job let the world say, you will get where you want to 🤞🏽

If you could go back and talk to your past self, what is the one thing you’d tell her?

take it easy. Don’t go hard on yourself. There’re better things ahead of us 😌 

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