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How to Achieve Your Summer Fashion Goals in 2020
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How to Achieve Your Summer Fashion Goals in 2020

With lawn season slowly looming, it’s got everyone wondering what new trends will be incorporated as well as the signature colors! Sapphire has always been known for coming out with various designs and styles that have something for everyone, from their eastern to western wear. Their upcoming lawn collection which is set to release on the 20th of February, is all about the coolness of the summer season, which is why they’ve aptly named it Summer Calling!

Through these classic and avant-garde pieces, Sapphire allows one to enter into a world of floral fantasies and various shades of color. From having an outfit for a lazy summer afternoon to holding something old school. From having something signature that’ll have one looking like a trend setter to accentuating feminine grace, there clearly is something for everyone with prices starting at only Rs 990.

While some prefer to keep things simple and subtle, others tend to be loud and free through their style. This is why Sapphire’s collection includes six concepts which are Signature, Daily Pop, Serene, Classic and Luxe. The names of each represent their respective designs as Daily Pop adds a pop of color and holds a mix of contemporary and classic trends, while Serene keeps it cool and breezy with their soft hues and refined cuts! What we love most is that each look can be styled and curated however way one wants. It allows one to remain comfortable in making a signature while simultaneously pushing them into a new style. It’s time to heed Sapphire’s call to summer and check out a Sapphire outlet near you on the 20th of February! Scroll down to view our top picks!

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