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Style Notes: Kidney Center Brunch 2020- Best Dressed List!
Style Notes

Style Notes: Kidney Center Brunch 2020- Best Dressed List!

The annual Kidney Center Brunch took place this past weekend with Pakistan’s biggest and brightest fashionistas in attendance- flaunting their best style; dripping in designer wear from head to toe- the event was a frenzy of gorgeous brunch attire, jewels and accessories! Be it Sadaf Kanwal in a statement color blocked look or Fouzia Aman donning all white, Nomi Ansari in a floral blazer or Momal Sheikh in a denim ensemble- everyone truly brought their A-game! We’ve picked out our favorite looks from the evening ranging from gorgeous actresses and models to designers and socialites- scroll down and check out our top picks below: 

Asher Akhtar, Fatima Hasan and Afzal Leghari
Nomi Ansari
Sadaf Kanwal
Roshanay and Nomi Ansari
Nina Kashif
Maira Paganwala
Ali Xeeshan And Mahira
Fouzia Aman
Mehwish Hayat and Mediha Naqvi
Momal Sheikh
Mohsin Tawasuli
Zara Abid, Frieha Altaf and Abeer Rizvi
Hasnain Lehri and Abeer Rizvi
Soraya, Sherry and Seher Rahim

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