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In The Spotlight!: Esfir Jewels Makes It To Elle Magazine Slovania!
In the Spotlight

In The Spotlight!: Esfir Jewels Makes It To Elle Magazine Slovania!

Since the beginning, Esfir Jewels has always kept things interesting. From creating elegant yet edgy pieces to making accessories such as clutches and net bags that go well with every look, Esfir Jewels has always made sure to have something for everyone. Run by the lovely duo Hafsa and Tasbih, the brand has achieved new heights each time. Recently, their earrings were selected to be featured in Elle Magazine Slovenia! The story of how it all happened according to the duo goes, “Our New York rep Areeba met a stylist who was interested in using the pieces (her insta handle is the shiny squirrel) and she happened to have this piece on her, so it was picked up for this shoot for Elle Slovania.” When asked how they felt about this, they said, “We were really excited to see it because we didn’t really expect it to be picked up, the stylist said it’s upto the shoot coordinators in the end, she just recommends pieces to them, so felt very proud that we were showcased in this international publication and chosen over other well reputed brands because we were able to offer something distinct.” Good going Esfir Jewels! Scroll down to check out more!

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