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Style Notes:! Wedding Style Decoded feat. Natasia Paul
Style Notes

Style Notes:! Wedding Style Decoded feat. Natasia Paul

Natasia Paul’s debut wedding formal collection consists of old school motifs mixed together with modern trends. It allows the Natasia Paul woman to look and feel her best while simultaneously creating a signature look that’s sure to set all kinds of trends! In an exclusive shoot, fashionistas and boss ladies such as Shazah Ayub, Saba Pervez Dada, Marium Jahangir Khan, Sanaa Ahmad, Ayla Paul, Ameera Paul, Annam Ayub and Maliha Aziz Jamil breathed their own flare and style to these beautiful pieces! They decoded their look from choice of jewelry to make up looks! Scroll down to see the full interview and more! 

1. What’s your favorite part about this outfit?

SPD: I loved the detailing of the outfit and the color palette the most. Honestly pics don’t do justice to the work thats beautifully crafted.

2. Would you say this goes well with minimal jewelry or heavy pieces ?

SPD: It’s pretty versatile. One could dress it up with a teeka or a jhoomar or simply pair it with earrings like I did. The best part is any pop of color can go with the outfit.

3. What occasion is perfect to wear this outfit to and why ?

SPD: Any festive event, I would wear it to a day wedding or a night event both because of the subtle colors.I also think the make up at Nabila really complimented the outfit in gold hues and glowey dewy highlight to add an oomph.

1. Tell us what accessories you chose to style this look and why?

SA: I paired my outfit with jewellery by Ali Javeri. Since I was putting my hair up in a sleek bun I wanted to wear a choker, which I paired with oversized round earrings.

2. What occasion is perfect to wear this outfit to? 

SA: I would wear this outfit to a mehndi.

3. What part of this outfit most catches your attention?

SA: The peacock motif on the lehnga caught my attention instantly. Also I’m big on ruffles these days, so I really enjoyed wearing the sequinned ruffled stole with my outfit.

1. What were your thoughts when accessorising this look ?

AP: When I was accessorising my look I kept it mind that it was a light and elegant colour didnt want to wear any over the top accessories so I went for long diamond earrings and a diamond bracelet.

2. Where would you wear this look to?

AP: I would wear this look so a day time/ brunch event or to a destination wedding.

3. Tell us whether you prefer minimal or maximal make up for this look?

AP: I would prefer a minimal makeup look because again it is an elegant outfit so heavy makeup would not look good.

1. What occasion would you wear this outfit to?

AP: I’d wear this to a mehndi or a day wedding because of the subtlety and the light colour combination.

2. Can you style this outfit in more than one way? Tell us how else you could style it?

AP: The dupatta could be worn like a kimono for a more modern look. The royal blue scallops really stand out that way.

3. What do you look for when picking a formal?  

AP: It really depends on the occasion I’m going to wear it to. I mostly look for simplicity and good colour combinations.

1. When doing your own make up, what did you keep in mind that would look good for the outfit you’d be wearing?

AA: My outfit had a really flirty and fun feel to it. I wanted my makeup to compliment the colors and wanted a dainty and pretty look for myself. I kept the eye makeup soft and did champagne pink eye. Emphasised on the contouring and highlighting of my face. I wanted my lips to be a soft pink. For that pop of color but nothing that would look too stark against the outfit.

2. Tell us why you opted for AJJ?

AA: AJJ have lots of beautiful pieces that are perfect for wedding season in general. I opted for a karha in each hand for a timeless traditional look.

3. What about Natasia’s design aesthetic do you admire most ?

AA: How she plays with colors and her attention to detail. My choli had the most exquisite embroidery and kaam on it. And like i said there are so many colors in this outfir but they all come together beautifully. Perfect for mehndis and day events.

1. Tell us what part about this outfit caught your attention? Was it the old school motifs or the modern cuts?

SA: I am huge fan of chicken kari and it is a classic, timeless piece to have in your wardrobe! Natasia added a bright red colour to really bring an “oomph” factor to the jora, wearable at both day time and night time events.
It was actually the old school motifs and the modern twist which caught my attention!
The antique copper work is very different to the usual work we see and gives the jora a unique look.

2. Would you say a piece like this brings out your personality?

SA: Definitely. You can always style a piece to bring out your personality and this jora is so versatile and can be accessoried in so many different ways, depending on the mood and the person wearing it.

The lenga can be worn with different coloured cholis and dupattas and the maroon shawl is a beautiful addition too.

3. Tell us about the jewelry and make up you picked for your look?

SA: I’m a huge fan of antique, traditional jewellery and I wore this antique jhoomar to match the work and old school charm of the jora. As the jhoomar is pretty heavy, I decided not to wear anything else to keep it elegant and classy. Except for chooris! You can never wear too many chooris!

Nabilas is the best when it comes to makeup and hair! They understand skin tones and colours which complement you, rather than over applying layers of makeup! They also understand the entire look and work with you to create what you envisioned. Zeeshan did my makeup and Awais did my hair – I was very happy with both.

1. Which celebrity do you think this outfit is perfect for?

MJK: The perfect Pakistani celebrity for this outfit would be Maya Ali! An international celebrity would be Sara Ali Khan! Both these girls would carry this outfit beautifully!

2. Tell us about your styling choices from hair to shoes ?

MJK: I loved a curly hairstyle for this outfit because the dupatta was so fun and different, so I thought a curly hairstyle would add on to the playfulness of the outfit. I kept the shoes simple (you couldnt see them) but a little bit of height so the lehenga had a nice fall. The jewlery also I kept simple so it didn’t take away from the beautiful work on the outfit!

3. What is your go to style modern or old school? 

MJK: I think I can switch between both depending on the event. Its fun to tap into the modern look because there’s so many new ways you can go now! And old school style is always elegant and looks beautiful!

1. Tell us why you chose this outfit in particular?

MAJ: I personally loved this shade of chai pink and the contemporary silhouette of the dress!

2. As a Designer your self what do you appreciate most about Natasia’s aesthetic?

MAJ: I love that Natasia’s collection is very true to her own style. The collection is synced together carrying forward the same theme and feel. The drape and work is intricately put together and makes the outfits stand apart!

3. Tell us about the accessories you chose to style this look?

MAJ: I added statement Jimmy Choi heels in a neutral colour to add to the outfits Victorian dramatic feel. The earrings are pearl drops by MHT that encompass the feminine feel of the clothes. I also added delicate bracelets to complement the work on the outfit!

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