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Project Runway!: FPW Day 3 Brings Shimmering Bridals From Zainab Chottani, Shiza Hassan, Sadaf Fawad Khan, Ayesha Ibrahim and Deepak Perwani!
Project Runway

Project Runway!: FPW Day 3 Brings Shimmering Bridals From Zainab Chottani, Shiza Hassan, Sadaf Fawad Khan, Ayesha Ibrahim and Deepak Perwani!

The third and final day of FPW had a line up of designers showcase their breathtakingly beautiful formals and bridals, the perfect style to see for the upcoming festive season. Each show brought on its own unique charm, whether it was praising the independent woman or reflecting back on old school charm. From Zainab Chottani with her vintage pieces to Shiza Hassan telling magical tales through her designs. From Sadaf Fawad Khan with all her hues of color to Ayesha Ibrahim bringing luxury and elegance. And finally, Deepak Perwani closing the show with his timeless and colorful formals and bridals that never fail to leave everyone starry eyed. In short, the final day of FPW was one to remember. Scroll down to check out more! 

Zainab Chottani – 

What Zainab has always done as a designer is mixed and matched vintage designs with contemporary trends. This collection, Khwahish, that made its way on the ramp housed a diversity of looks, from classic red and ivory bridals and sherwani’s to statement formal pieces complete with gota work and color blocking. Inspired by the designers admiration for royal vintage designs, this collection started off the show on an amazing note! Mawra Hocane and Fahad Mustafa were the showstoppers. 

Shiza Hassan – 

In this collection, Shiza Hassan decided to play around with different hues and tones in each piece. It was even more avant gard to play around with various trends as well, from ruffles to bell bottoms. Each piece was complete with stunning 3D floral embroidery and delicate threadwork that shined on the ramp. From lehenga choli’s to skilfully hand crafted menswear, there was something for everyone with Shiza Hassan! 

Sadaf Fawad Khan – 

Sadaf Fawad Khan’s bridals have always been known for paying attention to even the most minute details. This new collection, Adam and Eve, was about celebrating the new trend of couples color coordinating their looks for their special day. Naturally, the designer pulled out all the colors and all the trends as well as all kinds of embellishments, as each piece looked perfectly matched. From soft hues of color to bold and sophisticated ones, Adam and Eve By SFK captivated all! 

Ayesha Ibrahim – 

Ayesha Ibrahim has always stood for creating pieces that hold luxury, elegance and beauty. Each ensemble that made its way through the ramp held careful detailing that helped redefine royalty and elegance. Inspired by the Mughal era, Ayesha Ibrahim’s collection, Ishq E Raag, was all about celebrating old school charm and incorporating modern trends. In short, it held masterful techniques, subtle and loud hues and sketched embroidery that was beautiful. 

Deepak Perwani –

Inspired by Shalimar, Deepak Perwani’s collection was rooted in the idea of old traditional world mixed with a modern twist. It was all about showcasing the excitement that one feels when they fall in love, as roses were thrown and there were classical dances to the traditional music. Deepak Perwani’s signature bridals held his touch, with subtle hues and intricate embellishments that made the statement they always make. From dapper and classic sherwani’s to graceful bridals, Shalimar by Deepak Perwani closed the show on a high note! Sarah Khan and Wahaj Khan were his showstoppers. 

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