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Secret Word! Irtiqa Hassan Talks Interior Design!
The Secret Word

Secret Word! Irtiqa Hassan Talks Interior Design!

Irtiqa Hassan sits down and discusses her passion and understanding of the distinct art of interior design. From revealing her style quotient to how she built her business, she shares all! Scroll down to check out more!

1. In your opinion, what’s the one quality every interior designer should have?

Every Interior Designer needs to have a vision.

2. Tell us about how you started your company? What were some of the challenges you faced?

I started with a small room in my husbands office, he has been the biggest support in helping me set up my own company, and now we have a full fledged independent studio for Irtiqa Hassan Interiors. It all went quite smoothly very honestly, because I had been working towards my own practice since university.

3. Tell us about your first collaboration with an international designer? Were you nervous at all?

Ralph Lauren was my first collaboration, and frankly their team is so welcoming and excitedc to work in Pakistan that I didn’t feel nervous at all!

4. Would you say your skills in photography help with designing a space? Tell us why?

Yes most definitely, photography helps you envision a space in a frame, you develop certain angles of a space and helps you focus on all the details it takes to that make the final picture.

5. We’ve heard that you’re a frequent traveler – what would you say you learned from studying the different spaces you saw in various cultures?

I love travelling! Mostly because of how inspiring it is. I feel every city has its own signature its own identity. From the huts in Tropical design language in Bali with their raw and earthy finishes to the dynamic soaring skylines in Seoul, every city teaches me so much.

6. What’s the lifestyle IHI aims to provide their clientele?

At IHI, the design philosophy is to not only create, but to influence. The ideal ology is to design spaces that enhance the lifestyle of the user of the space. Interior design and human psychology go hand in hand, and you can’t design one without the other, so its important to understand what you want the audience to feel in a particular space. At IHI, we aim to design the feelings of the space, the functionality of the space, and at the same time to design spaces so ethereal and so magnificent one feels elevated and at ease in every aspect of living both aesthetically and functionally.

7. Tell us about one memorable project you worked on? What was so special about it?

Jardin Café was one of my memorable projects. It’s a French restaurant I designed in Karachi, and very close to me. Reason being, I had designed the concept of Jardin in my 3rd year of university for a restaurant project assignment, not only did I ace the jury, but to design that concept in reality one day was a dream that came true.

8. Apart from being well traveled, skilled in photography, and a talented interior designer, you also have amazing style – tell us about your favorite brands and color palette?

My personal favorite clothing brands would be Max Mara, Massimo, Zara and Ralph Lauren. As for color palette, I think my design style reflects in my personal style in many ways. I love wearing monochromes with a color pop in my shoes or bag, I generally prefer warm neutrals, camels and taupes for every day wear, and the most color I would wear would be a certain shade of pink.

9. Where do you see IHI in the future?

On a global platform.

10. What’s the one piece of advise you’d offer to aspiring interior designers?

What I always say, design the life you want to live.

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