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The Secret Word! Nazish Hussain Invites Us To Shop For A Cause!
The Secret Word

The Secret Word! Nazish Hussain Invites Us To Shop For A Cause!

On the 31st of August, it’s time to bring your retail game at its peak to Secret Stash’s event Shop For A Cause! We managed to have a quick chat with the brains behind the operation, Nazish Hussain, who heads Secret Stash as well as fostering an aim to empower and support all women. Scroll down to check out more!

What is the organization you’ll be donating all the profits to? Can you tell us a bit about your relationship with them?

We will be donating 100% of the proceeds to Kashana-e-Atfal-o-Naunihal. It’s a charitable organisation that has been serving the country for more than 50 years. It provides a range of services for homeless or orphaned girls and abandoned babies including housing them, educating them, taking care of their health and well being and even arranging marriages after they have completed their education. I don’t have any relationship with them. I wanted to do this charity event and was looking for a good organisation to contribute to and one of my friends mentioned Kashana. And as a company for women and by women I naturally felt aligned to this amazing cause.

What are you hoping this event will bring?

I am hoping we can raise a lot of funds for this great charity by hosting a fun shopping event. I’ve intentionally kept each piece at just Rs. 1,000 to allow people to get incredible deals while helping a good cause. It’s literally going to be like a treasure hunt!

Do you believe more people should host charity sales?

Definitely we all have items we’re not using and if other people want them while helping a good cause than there’s no reason not to.

Are you hoping to do more of these charity sales in the future?

Most definitely. I’m actually hoping to turn this into an annual event. Fingers crossed that we have a positive response especially since we really have gotten some amazing things! 

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