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Samarkand By Zohra Alam Hits All The Right Notes!
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Samarkand By Zohra Alam Hits All The Right Notes!

Zohra Alam’s Eid collection’s have always been the talk of the town. Their age friendly silhouettes, their eclectic colors and of course their statement look have always been favored by old and new clientele. Their new collection, Samarkand, features a playful outlook on what it means to be a young girl who is full of life and excitement. 

The catalogue pictures feature four young girls who adorn intricate ensembles, with colors that range from traditional white to dark red, each showing flexibility in their style. What we love most about Zohra Alam’s collection is the flexibility of its style quotient. There’s something for everyone within this collection, from their favorite color to finding a comfortable silhouette they can feel beautiful in for Eid. Samarkand is now available for orders, so we suggest you head on over to Zohra Alam’s studio and buy your favorite now! Scroll down to check out more! 

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