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Take A Virtual Trip To Versailles With Shamaeel Ansari!
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Take A Virtual Trip To Versailles With Shamaeel Ansari!

Whenever people think about Shamaeel Ansari, they think vintage and old school charm that has transpired throughout the years. Relying on the majesty of history and extracting artful motifs through time, Shamaeel has set the standard of providing their clientele with canvas like items that are tributes to artists who delivered the world with color and thought provoking pieces. Their new collection tackled something different, mixed with a little bit of vintage and we have to say, it’s love at first sight! 

Inspired by the creativity and splendor of Versailles, these contemporary ensembles tell a tale of cultural history and tradition that has captivated the world for generations. Perfect for the summer months ahead, these pieces contain French tones juxtaposed with the richness of rose gold, complete with intricate detailing. Modernised tapestry art is a motif present in the collection, appealing to Shamaeel’s long lasting promise of creating pieces for all ages. Take a trip down the annals of history with Shamaeel Ansari’s new collection and be amazed! Scroll down to check out the video teasers of their shoot! 

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