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Style Notes!: The Boss Women of Shamsha Hashwani!
Style Notes

Style Notes!: The Boss Women of Shamsha Hashwani!

Shamsha Hashwani’s main aim as a brand is to provide women with the armor they need to look and feel beautiful and confident. It’s not only about style, it’s about fulfilling your dreams while wearing the right outfit.

Three glittering names in the industry have adorned these gorgeous Shamsha Hashwani pantsuits and they’ve captured our attention. From Ayesha Omer to Mansha Pasha and Sonya Hussyn who picked Shamsha’s unique technique and vision to adorn them for their many appearances. Sonya Hussyn adorning a flowy blue which drapes her perfectly, presenting an image of a boss lady getting her stuff done. Ayesha Omer for her appearance as Physiogel’s brand ambassador looks and gives off the vibe of someone made for the position in a glittering white power suit. Last but not the least is the lovely Mansha Pasha who put the Laal in her Laal Kabootar film promotions in a fiery red suit. In short, these ladies captured our hearts and attention, and Shamsha’s discerning vision continues to prevail! Scroll down to check out more! 

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