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Nazakat Volume I by Sanam Chaudri Hits All The Right Notes!
Ready, Set, Shoot!

Nazakat Volume I by Sanam Chaudri Hits All The Right Notes!

If you’re beginning your search for the perfect Eid outfit that is both comfortable and elegant at the same time, then look no further! Sanam Chaudri’s made to order collection, Nazakat, is just what you’ve been looking for! Sanam Chaudri’s claim to fame has always been creating quality silhouettes that allow the woman adorning them to look and feel beautiful. From the effervescent formals to the breezy kurta’s, the concept of having everything for everyone drives the brand to coming out with newer and more gorgeous outfits for all! 

Nazakat Volume I represents the feminine grace that we all aspire to have shine through our appearance. The color palette of the collection is quintessentially spring – from the ice blues to the classic whites. Each one holds intricate gold embroidery that rests on either the neck or the sleeves, giving one the chance to glisten! What we love is of course the flexibility of accessorizing all of these outfits. Pair your favorite bag or earrings with them and get ready to shine! Scroll down to check out more! 

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