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What’s in Store: Everything you want to know about Sapphire Lawn Vol 2 !
What's in Store

What’s in Store: Everything you want to know about Sapphire Lawn Vol 2 !

T he weekend is off to a great start with Sapphire Lawn Vol.II arriving in stores and online from today, 22nd March! The collection follows in the footsteps of the first volume, offering five contrasting lines to choose from. Each line has a unique that makes the experience wholesome and complete; providing outfits for your every mood and need.

Sapphire Pop continues to excite with an eclectic mix of unconventional prints and vibrant palettes. This line focuses on a wide range of bold color arrangements perfect for summer.

The Daily Line offers versatile solids, as well as prints with minimal embroidery, to create a look to suit your individual everyday style. Breathable, soft fabrics make it a natural choice for everyday wear.

Serene plugs in that much needed element of calmness by inserting muted tones and feminine cuts that exude a minimalist style. Pastels with self-embroideries complimented by a soft printed dupatta are a personal favorite.

Sapphire Classic picks on more traditional imagery and hues in Vol.II that play into timeless cuts. The angarkha pattern and the Hyderabadi loop necklines sets off a classic mood that exudes pure elegance.

The Designer Wear Series brings the collection full circle with its modern interpretation of architectural, geometrical, and floral designs. Reflecting powerful print imagery aesthetically delivered; Sapphire Statements plays with imaginative techniques making it hugely popular amongst its diverse millennial audience.

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