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Generation, Ideas Pret, AlKaram and Sania Maskatiya take Day 2 of FPW by storm!
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Generation, Ideas Pret, AlKaram and Sania Maskatiya take Day 2 of FPW by storm!

There’s always something in the air when fashion week approaches. Fashion enthusiasts prepare themselves for an evening of dazzling creations as well as chic silhouettes. The second day of FPW showcased eight designers that served up a variety of creations from pret to luxury wear. Generation began the show with a pop of color infused in their traditional ensembles. Yasmin Zaman’s dresses gracefully glided the runway, adding perfectly to their breezy appeal.

Nauman Arfeen added a hint of intensity with their fierce pieces that ranged from denim to cotton with owl motifs. Ideas Pret greeted the crowds with a powerful juxtaposition of a Victorian glasshouse meets Mughal art theme – serenading the crowds with fine cut silhouettes that definitely made us feel spring in the air.

AlKaram’s MAK took the runway by storm by delivering outfits that were uniquely crafted, inspiring all of us to consider upping our style game. Obaid Sheikh’s collection of forestry green outfits for both men and women transported us to a tropical jungle where magic meets fashion in a perfect blend.

Boheme By Kanwal added a traditional feel with their collection, Mystic, inspired by the poignant beauty found in Sufism. Their white and gold ensembles had us swooning! The night ended with Sania Maskatiya allowing us a glimpse of glamor from the NYFW ramp as she showcased her fall collection of luxury dresses that made it to everyone’s wish lists! Scroll down for our complete run down of day 2!


Sania Maskatiya – Luxe Evening Wear

From showcasing at NYFW to FPW, Sania Maskatiya’s Luxe Evening Wear was the shining star of the night. Each dress accentuated the beauty of the woman wearing it. Each silhouette captured every woman’s heart, and ultimately, her wallet. The collection featured a selection of blacks, whites and a few monochrome’s. There was a subtle beauty attached to each one, and a message to everyone out there to up their style game and do it right with them as your guide!

Ideas Pret – The Floral Raj

As mentioned before, Ideas Pret brought a beautiful combination of Victorian glasshouses and Mughal Art with each of their pieces. The soft hues of light pinks and blues along with purples and ivory, giving one a quintessentially SS color palette. The peplums, the dresses and the voluminous sleeves kept the spectators in awe!

Generation – #NoNonsenseNighat

Generation Pakistan christened the ramp with their traditional and colorful ensembles that expressed the uniqueness of desi fashion. They brought out all the works from paranthas to patiala shalwaars, essentially instilling a sense of pride in our fashion and appearance as desi’s. What impressed us was the modern trends that were fitted into each outfit that didn’t make each of the 15 pieces look too old school. A wonderful combination of relatable and old school fashion.

AlKaram – MAK

After a hiatus from the runway, AlKaram returned to FPW with a bang! The collection was inspired by the artistic vision of Georgia O’Keefe, who’s skull motifs and florals infused each breathtakingly beautiful creation. From silky skirts to stylishly cut dresses, MAK by AlKaram is for the empowered millennial woman, who’s style speaks volumes!

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