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What’s In Store! : Sapphire’s Fabulous Six Lines!
What's in Store

What’s In Store! : Sapphire’s Fabulous Six Lines!

With the launch of Sapphire’s massive new retail space at Dolmen Mall, Karachi it isn’t just their store that has expanded its boundaries, but also the breadth and depth of their design philosophy. The 21st of February marked the release of Sapphire Lawn Volume 1 featuring six wholesome lines in a single collection. The reason for such a diverse design palette is driven by an astute recognition of the individuality of style of its audience. The creative team understands the nature of this diversity and allows women to nourish not only their unique sense of style but also their varying moods that translate into nuanced aesthetics rather than a boring constant. 

Consequently each of the six lines caters to a rainbow of curated personality aesthetics; easy to browse and even mix and match to create an entirely unique ensemble altogether. 

1. Sapphire Pop: A line that is vibrant, electrifying and suited to the bold and chic fashionista, who loves to be center stage and enjoys being on top of her fashion game. She wants to spend but not necessarily splurge on designs that are innovative and unconventional. Accessories are her forte, and she is young at heart and in mind. 

2. Sapphire Daily: For the woman on the go who likes to multitask and look good while doing it. She may not necessarily have the luxury of time to dress up but she still looks good with effortless grace, and minimal makeup. An at work line with a non-fuss vibe and basics that everyone needs sums up the Daily line. 

3. Sapphire Classic: A timeless favorite that takes inspiration from the Mughal era, bits from the British Raj and vintage Chinese chinoiserie patterns, the Classic line presents a thoughtfully composed mosaic of motifs and detailed embroideries on a spectrum of hues, which can be dressed up or down. Styling with old-school silver earrings and khussas, this is the classic Pakistani woman, proud of her roots and strong at heart.

4. Sapphire Serene: The Sapphire Serene line was conceptualized for your feminine side. When you want to exude a simple elegance without the excessive embellishments or ott prints, turn to Sapphire Serene. Subtle colours and a minimalist mood depict this soft no drama collection.  

5. Sapphire Statement: Reimagined exaggerated iterations of nature and architecture designed with an artistic flair come together to create patterns, prints and motifs that will inject instant statement and a certain oomph factor for the days when you want to glam up and throw on some heels for a fun night out.

6. Sapphire Luxe: A high-end luxury series designed explicitly for formal festive occasions when you want to look your best. Fit for weddings, dholkis, formal dinners and everything in between. 

There you have it, an outfit for every mood and occasion compiled under one roof. So ladies, scroll down and have a look at some of our top picks from the brands eclectic Lawn Vol 1 collection and head over to your nearest Sapphire store or order online at 

















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