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The Secret Word : A Tete A Tete With Zainab Salman!
The Secret Word

The Secret Word : A Tete A Tete With Zainab Salman!

Zainab Salman’s name has always remained synonymous with pastel luxury pret’s that have graced all the summer months. Now, the brand has ventured forward and has begun their new chapter of creating ethereal bridals that will have every bride to be swooning! Their debut collection is set to grace the PFDC runway, promising a collection of fine cuts and glittering embellishments. We had a tete a tete with the maestro herself, Zainab Salman who discusses her collection in great detail. Scroll down to read the full interview!

1 Can you describe the process that has led up to you debuting your bridal collection this September at PFDC’s bridal show? 

Our debut bridal collection, Bazeecha-e-ishq was conceptualized by a desire to raise the deep voice of love that resides within all of you. Reading Forty Rules of Love and absorbing the compelling, vigorous personality of Shams-e- Tabrezi and the powerful, spiritual persona of Maulana Rumi inspired me to design a collection that resonates unconditional, infinite and eternal love that is so over powering and consuming.

Completely mesmerized by the glorious love the two shared and the divine power that brought them together, I was determined to put it all together in a collection. Each piece has been crafted with immense passion, commitment and sincerity. I want to give you all a taste of love with our breath taking, scintillating pieces from “Bazeecha-e-Ishq”.


2 Can you tell us how you’re feeling in regards to this being your first runway show? 

We are extremely excited to be showcasing this year, since this is our debut collection. I believe that PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week is a great platform for designers to get a broader reach in terms of clientele, and not to mention the encouragement designers receive to grow as artists and brands. I believe this is the right time for me to expand as a brand and tap into the next phase of my career.


3 What preparations are underway for the show? 

My team and I have worked vigorously for the past few months just conceptualizing and finalizing the designs for our debut collection. We’ve worked day in and day out to make sure we put our best foot forward and leave the audience in complete awe of our concept, theme and impeccable craftsmanship.


4 Have you chosen a showstopper?  

Yes, we have. In fact, we are really excited to have an artist opening the show and a celebrity closing the show. It is going to be very refreshing to have a new, yet popular, face on the ramp.


5 You’ve been in the industry for 5 years now – can you tell us how the journey has been? 

Initially it was a little challenging, but it’s been a great experience so far. The bridal show opens up a completely new chapter for us and we are really looking forward to participating in PLBW ’18.


6 What are you hoping the outcome will be post your showcase? 

I think everyone will be in awe of my collection. We have really emphasized on craftsmanship and done something new that will give people something a taste of something new. This collection will not be another run of the mill and will give the audience different and wonderful options to choose from.


7 Tell us a little bit about the collection you’re showcasing – what can we expect? 

“Bazeecha-e-Ishq” is created with a blend of perfectly rich fabrics, soft hues and bold patterns that reflect regality and splendor in every outfit. We have focused especially on craftsmanship adopting exceptional embellishment techniques to create original, heirloom pieces. People will get a chance to see a lot of intricate hand embroideries that are derived from fresco art embedded in our traditional architecture.

A lot of traditional work, like mukesh, gota, mirror and thread has been incorporated as well. There is a fine blend of old school details put together with style and grace.

Each piece has been created with utmost love and we are really looking forward to the show.



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