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Ready, Set, Shoot! : Zohra Alam’s Old School Eid Collection!
Ready, Set, Shoot!

Ready, Set, Shoot! : Zohra Alam’s Old School Eid Collection!

What is most admired about Zohra Alam is the fact that she captures the mood of an occasion. With each collection, be it a formal or a pret, she has made the woman wearing her creations feel unique and dressed for the occasion that beckons. The brand weaves classical pieces that are your closet’s best friend or the kind of thing that you’d want passed down generations. If you’re still trying to find something for this upcoming Eid then look no further! Zohra Alam’s new and breezy Eid Ul Azha collection is calling your name!

It’s elegant yet trendy. What we’re loving is how equipped the collection is for all types of styles. If you’re the girl who’s looking to make a statement and wow the room, or if you’re just someone who’s laid back and looking for something breezy to wear, you’ll definitely find it here! This collection takes us back to the old school Eid, with the traditional dupatta’s and the long kurta’s. You’ve got the meticulous hand embroidery. You’ve got the colors that range from bright and summery to pastels. Essentially you’ve got all the makings of a season friendly Eid collection. The kurta’s can be worn with either izaars or kaari shalwaars, giving you that edge of wearing either heels or flats. So don’t waste anymore time and head on over to Zohra Alam and find your new favorite thing! Scroll down to check out more!













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