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Ready, Set, Shoot! : Qabool Hai By Nomi Ansari!
Ready, Set, Shoot!

Ready, Set, Shoot! : Qabool Hai By Nomi Ansari!

The term “Qabool Hai” is exchanged when a man and a woman promise themselves to each other on their wedding day. The power and romance attached to the term is what makes people’s hearts soften. Qabool Hai also happens to be the name of Nomi Ansari’s new bridal collection – capturing a special brand of perfection that can only be found in the presence of love.

Since 2001, Nomi Ansari has grown to become one of the most prevalent names in the Pakistani fashion industry. Their age old aesthetic of creating outfits that ooze finesse and color has grown stronger, and has helped inspire many other designers that have come into the spotlight. His new bridal collection is a testament to the hard work and dedication Nomi Ansari has put forth. Each piece has every bride-to-be drooling for that very look to don at her wedding. It’s a collection that features a range of meticulously embellished bridal lehenga choli’s that carry ancestral motif’s. Using quality fabrics such as jacquard, tulle, raw silk and more, each one is embellished with zardozi, pearls and more! The color palette is season friendly – ranging from bright yellows, ice blues to ruby reds and purples. Take a scroll down to see more!












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