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Ready, Set, Shoot! : Wear Your Summer Fun With Zoe By Zeen!
Ready, Set, Shoot!

Ready, Set, Shoot! : Wear Your Summer Fun With Zoe By Zeen!

It’s a collection that’s for the trendy and young woman who’s all about wearing the free and vibrant summer spirit. It’s time to show the fun and funk with Zeen’s new summer collection – Zoe!

Being under the Cambridge umbrella since 2014, the brand Zeen possesses the same ethos of delivering statement pieces with excellent quality. The inspiration behind this collection is derived from the majesty of Indian culture, and is visibly found in the freshness of each color. The prints in each one are not too boisterous but not too subtle either, which allows the woman wearing it to be whatever she wants to be. It also allows her the freedom to style it in any way she wants – be it a signature pearl necklace or an understated but sentimental pair of earrings. The color palette in this collection is a myriad of different hues, from yellows to reds to even navy blue. Each one is a take on a piece of Indian culture – from carpet motifs to Ikat patterns. So if you’re the young woman going to work during the day and then meeting your besties afterwards, you ought to do it in full summer swag with Zoe by Zeen! Scroll down to check out more!











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