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Ready, Set, Shoot! : Sadaf Fawad Khan Meets Every Bride To Be’s Dream!
Ready, Set, Shoot!

Ready, Set, Shoot! : Sadaf Fawad Khan Meets Every Bride To Be’s Dream!

If you’re a bride to be, or you’re a girl who’s simply been looking through her Instagram feed to pass the time, then we know you’ve checked out or at least scrolled to find Sadaf Fawad Khan’s gorgeous range of bridals! SFK, originally named Silk back in 2012 started off by designing stylish and statement silhouettes. Over the years it has evolved into a design house that features luxury pret, bridals, formals and a men’s line. Their unique styles of blending tradition with current trends cements the fact that there’s something for everyone at SFK!

Their bridal line is a glittering surge of dazzling embellishments and meticulous embroidery – essentially making every bride wearing it to feel unique and empowered. What we love most about this line is the perfect mixture of cultural and contemporary. Each bridal looks modern based on the way the silhouette is designed, yet the aesthetic feel to it is an ode to tradition. So if you’re a bride to be in search of the perfect bridal, look no further! Scroll down to check out more!










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