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Ready, Set, Shoot! : Introducing Morri’s Eclectic Eid Collection!
Ready, Set, Shoot!

Ready, Set, Shoot! : Introducing Morri’s Eclectic Eid Collection!

From the beginning, Morri has always been a brand that’s strived to maintain their momentum of providing the women of Pakistan with unique yet traditional styles of dressing. Their new luxe Eid collection is a testament to how the Morri woman can walk into a room and dazzle with their eclectic colors and refined textures. Their exciting color palette which features aqua and ox-blood, mixed together with careful beadwork makes for one elegant image!

One of our favorite pieces, Summer Wine flatters tradition and speaks to contemporary style. Inspired by the Mughal style, this Ox Blood number is open from the front, completed with intricate embroidery and hanging crystal tassels. Fashioned out of cotton silk, this outfit exudes grace. The rest of Morri’s collection is packed with embellished outfits containing bootcut trousers and gharara’s, to add a little oomph to your style. Scroll down to check out what we’re talking about and if you like what you see, visit for more information! Happy Scrolling! 











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