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Ready, Set, Shoot! :Power Notes By Nazli Akbar!
Ready, Set, Shoot!

Ready, Set, Shoot! :Power Notes By Nazli Akbar!

Nazli Akbar’s passion for fashion has always spoke through her work. Her upcoming  collection serves as a testament to the power and brains women have within them. A juxtaposition of beauty and brains, elegance and determination. The campaign sheds light on the boss women of our city, who are passionate entrepreneurs that hustle to create masterpieces in their various fields. When it comes to fashion and making a statement, people usually choose what’s trending on social media without much thought. With consistency and care, Nazli Akbar ups the ante by creating a collection that celebrates the resilience and grace of feminine and creative spirits.

The collection, “Power Notes By Nazli Akbar” centers around new styles of dressing. The tulip shalwaar’s all have different cuts, from long to short. The color palette consists of sophisticated colors such as beige, teal, blush pink, nude, turquoise and grey. Each outfit is complimented by embellished florals that radiate glamor and vibrance. If you’re tired of reading and you want to see what we’re talking about, have a scroll below to check out what the boss ladies have said about the collection, as well as how beautiful they’re looking adorning it! Side note, if you’re in Lahore and you find yourself in love with this collection, then we suggest you keep May 26th free as Nazli Akbar is coming to you from 12 pm till 9pm at Cosa Nostra! Happy Scrolling!

Boss Babes: Zainab Parekh and Anam Jangda of The Bakery! 

Childhood besties Zainab Parekh and Anam Jangda together own and operate the Bakery located in Zamzama! Known for their signature salted caramel brownies and Honey Bundt Cake, these girls have satisfied everyone’s sweet tooth along with following their dreams of having their own bakery. 

“Nazli’s clothes are perfect for us women on the go! The color palette allows for a cool feel in this scorching heat and the loose cuts makes her clothes wearable to work or even out for dinner with friends.The multi-purpose facet of her clothes makes her my go to designer.” – Anam Jangda 

“Food has always been a passion for both of us. As childhood friends we always bonded over the food our mothers made, sharing recipes, trying out new restaurants and not being able to understand how some girls just don’t eat!! It was our dream to work together and it was inevitable that we were going to go into the food business!” 

Fitness Girls: Fuzzy Faruque and Salina Taqi! 

If you’re a hardcore yogi or a cardio girl, then you’ve definitely taken a class with these two beauties! Meet the co-founders of Studio X, Fuzzy Faruque and Salina Taqi! These ladies believe in nourishing your body with the right nutrients. On the first floor of Studio X, you will always find one of these boss ladies behind the juice bar along with their range of organic products.

“Wearing Nazli Akbar’s clothes made me feel strong, independent and beautiful. Bright yellow to go with my blonde hair and feeling light & fresh during this heat!” – Fuzzy Faruque 

In Their Shoes: Miara Shaikh and Saadia Siddik of Miaasa! 

These two ladies combined their names and efforts together to create one of Pakistan’s most favored shoe brands, Miaasa! Founded in 2016, Miaasa offers a diverse range of footwear ranging from trendy espadrilles to elegant sandals. These ladies hand draw and craft their shoes using only the finest quality from locally and internationally sourced materials. They always say, “If we wouldn’t wear it ourselves, well never put our name on it!”

“I generally love Nazli Akbar outfits because they’re sophisticated and they make the person wearing them stand out. This is the first time I have opted for a deep shade in a Nazli ensemble and I simply loved how bold it looked while staying true to the labels signature feminine aesthetic.” -Miara Shaikh 

“The bold colour coupled with an easy and relaxed silhouette was the best part about this outfit. The simple yet delicate embellishments allowed it to be the perfect balance between elegance and effortlessness.” – Saadia Siddik 

Perennial Interior Designer: Saba Pervez Dada 

A mom of two children along with a furniture store and her very own skincare company, Saba Pervez Dada is one boss woman! Address, the furniture store, customizes in bespoke furniture along with interior design. Her skin-care company, Coral Bliss consists of authentic skincare products imported from Korea. With more ventures on the way, is there anything this boss woman can’t do?

“I absolutely loved the color. It’s a beautiful spring pink that suits most skin tones including mine. The sleeves n pants were feminine n fun giving the entire outfit a young feel to it.”

“I love how even though it was quite embellished the outfit does not seem ‘busy’. Again the sleeves were edgy and I enjoyed wearing the outfit. I must add the fabric for both were quite breezy n easy to wear. In this scorching heat that’s a major factor to consider. Lastly I also feel they’re both quite versatile. Can easily be dressed up for a formal event or dressed down for a tea/brunch.”

Spilling the Tea: Mariam Rahmatullah of Teazuro 

A way to every Pakistani’s heart is through tea. Mariam Rahmatullah, founder of Teazuro understands that and brings forth specialized flavored tea blends using organic ingredients. Aspiring to unleash the magic of the simple yet staple luxury of tea-time. You go girl!

“For this Eid Campaign, Nazli Akbar has outdone her previous work with her brilliant colour combinations and unique cuts. I tried on a grey and pink outfit, with a tulip shalwar which was perfectly detailed, easy to dress up or dress down depending on the occasion. The other outfit was an ivory fabric with ivory and soft pink lace. This feminine piece is a definite must have this season since it’s a perfect colour to beat the heat and a very versatile outfit to wear all day long.”

“I LOVED my outfit because it was very feminine and flattering . I have an obsession for flowers and pearls, and loved every single attention to detail on the outfit. Oh and it was so so so comfortable!” -Salina Taqi, Co-Founder of Studio X and Founder of Salina Cosmetics. 

“I loved the summary colours of the outfits. I feel like they complemented my skin and gave it a summery sun- kissed glow look. My favorite feature however has to be the way Nazli combined traditional handwork with the trendy and modern sleeves on the pink outfit. The outfit leaves you feeling elegant and sexy at the same time and the sleeves are so much fun to play around with!” – Zainab Parekh

Campaign Concept & Coordination: Brand Consultant Fatin Aly Khan of FK Consulting 
Photography: Mutahir of Oshoot 
Hair & Makeup: Shamain Salon 

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