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The Secret Word: Iqraa Mansha Talks Beauty and Business!
The Secret Word

The Secret Word: Iqraa Mansha Talks Beauty and Business!

When people see the magnanimous Emporium Mall or when they stay at the luxurious Nishat Hotel, they are met with service and management that’s up to par with the first world. The woman behind all of this is none other than the beautiful and savvy Iqraa H Mansha. The mommy of two is also the manager of two. Having studied marketing in Switzerland and being exposed to her father’s business wisdom, Iqraa moved to Lahore after marrying Hasan Mansha and with the help of her father in law, started these two projects that have since revolutionized Lahore. We chat with the fashionable entrepreneur about what her day entails and what’s next as well as her favorite vacation spots! Check out the full interview below!


You moved to Lahore after you got married, and you began building two ventures from the ground up, the Emporium Mall and award-winning Nishat Hotel. What does a regular day for you hold? 

The day starts at 6 am with my boys. After dropping them to school, I get a workout in at the GYM and head to work at 9 am. I try to be home in the afternoon so that I can spend time with my two sons. My afternoon consists of multi-tasking between spending time with my kids and responding to work emails and phone calls. After putting the kids to bed at 8 pm, I’m completely wiped out and brain dead. That’s when my lovely and energetic husband, Hasan, proposes a sushi date. In my mind, all it’s all about a simple plate of daal chawal and my bed!

You’re a mother of two on top of being a manager of two – how do you juggle your time? 

In terms of managing businesses, one becomes accustomed to learning HR skills and time management. The key is for your time at work to be productive, and I learned that the hard way. The talent in Pakistan is
beyond amazing but what people lack is the discipline of taking a deadline seriously and that can present itself to be a challenge most of the time. But you do encounter people who excel at what they do and those
are the game changers. In terms of my kids, the trick is to learn to sleep less! 


Your projects have been hugely successful, and it’s very clear that you’re passionate about what you do, is there anything else that you’re planning to develop?

My next project is the Nishat Residences- a luxury residential building in the heart of Gulberg-the building will have an art deco look and feel-I can wait to launch it!

On top of being a business woman, a mother and a wife, you’re also an avid jet setter. Could you name a few places you love to escape to?

Nothings beats traveling for me. Taking a vacation is a chance for us to spend quality time as a family and for me to recharge my batteries.  I love a beachy vacation spot like Mykonos. The vibe is amazing. It’s the same with a place like Capri. Beaches are great for my kids with the water based activities they have lined up for them. My aim is to always be in a place that is extremely child friendly so that my sons can have something to do and enjoy, and that’s where I feel LA is
perfect. There’s something very exciting about being in one place at one moment and an hours drive later, you’re doing completely different things in a different part of the city. And yet, you’re in the same place! The ultimate trip for me is a ski holiday-we go to Courcheval where the Apres ski is as incredible as the liberating feeling of being in the mountains.


What is the one thing you look forward to after a long day? 

Spending time with my boys!!!

You’re a woman who has a flare for fashion – can you list a few of your favorite designers who’s items you currently have in your closet?

They’d have to be Ammara Khan, Joanna Oritz, Balmain, Pucci and Gaurav Gupta.


What is your preferred street-style when you’re abroad and when you’re in Lahore?

When I am traveling I can be pretty experimental but when in Lahore, you’ll always find me sporting a simple full sleeved kurta paired with Roger Vivier flats!

When you get dressed for the day, what’s the one thing you don’t forget
to add onto your outfit?

A minimum of 20 sprays of Rose Ardente by Givenchy!

When you have a night out, what’s the first outfit that comes to mind?

Super skinny ripped jeans and a top.



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