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Project Runway: HSY Turns 24!
Project Runway

Project Runway: HSY Turns 24!

HSY is unarguably one of the most recognized names in the fashion industry as well as the region. He started his brand that combined Western and Eastern fashion all together, paying tribute to tradition and contemporary trends. His aesthetic has continued to surpass expectations and inspire many who were aspiring designers. In celebration of 24 years in the fashion business, HSY held his solo show in his hometown Lahore, showcasing his couture collection “Mohabbat Nama”.

It was a show that celebrated the past and looked to the future with anticipation; a night where HSY payed homage to his Lahore roots and celebrated the people who provided him encouragement and inspiration throughout this time. One felt privileged and inspired to share in such a momentous celebration. The show consisted of  seventy models, some who were a part of the 24 year legacy journey, such as Natasha Hussain, Vaneeza Ahmed, Abdullah Ejaz and HSY’s first ever model – his sister. Each model donned a creation named after them in order to commemorate their careers in the industry. Each design was couture at its finest, sticking to the true essence of the brand. The color palette consisted of blues, beiges, greens and maroons complimented with dull gold work. Suffice it to say, it was quintessentially HSY. His showstopper for the evening was actress Reema Khan who wore a royal red and gold peshwas and chooridar finished with a gorgeous jhoomar. HSY, we give you a big round of applause! Happy 24th Birthday!











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