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The Secret Word: Introducing Zehra Saleem!
The Secret Word

The Secret Word: Introducing Zehra Saleem!

Every lawn season brings forth a first time designer that’s ready to add a touch of their talent. This year introduces Zehra Saleem – a Lahore based designer in collaboration with Panache Lawn. Her collection flourishes with florals, and allows every modern Pakistani girl out there to feel at one with spring. Zehra sits down and discusses her concerns as well as her excitement towards the launch of her lawn, and what she sees moving forward. We wish Zehra all the luck in the world and we urge all of you reading to pick up a Zehra Saleem x Panache Lawn creation now! Check out the full interview below:


Tell us about what inspired your lawn collection?

The inspiration behind this collection was nature’s splendor combined with the modernity of graphic designs to portray a very elegant yet chic lawn collection for the modern Pakistani women.

What designs and fabrics are you using? 

The designs being used have been derived from the details of earth’s gardenia and nature itself, printed on the best quality lawn being produced in Asia yet with a fine thread count to make the customer feel the comfort of looking luxuriously fashionable.


How did you decide to partner up with Panache for your first debut into lawn? 

Panache has been producing excellent quality fabric and they also have the best machinery for printing designs. Also, their commendable team is very accommodating and flexible to work with because of which ones design philosophy comes through in a defined way. Besides their brand philosophy is also in line with mine, which makes us a great team.
What is your creative vision for Zehra Saleem after this venture into lawn? 
To bring forward the best and most fashion forward designs creatively for my customers that help them create/maintain a specific identity in the social environment that makes them stand out in a positive light. Especially I have tried to keep my lawn design as clutter free as possible which was quite a challenge too. My personal aesthetic is very minimalistic and clean which is prominent even in my design.
Did you have any concerns at all? 
I definitely had my concerns when it came to perfecting the designs to flawlessness and selecting the best color palette for the collection that would compliment the beautiful Pakistani women and satisfy their style requirements through my aesthetics.


What does a regular day at work look like? 

A regular day at work would be the usual where I would start the day by researching various themes and elements then probably drafting a few designs and sending the best ones into sampling. Then I would check the previous samples, perfect them. After this I would visit  my manufacturing unit and embroidery team to check stitching and embroidery as I HAVE to take account of these things on my own.
Which lawn collections are you excited to see unveil this year? 
Definitely my own collection! I am really excited to see how it performs in the market and what the customer response is. It’s always overwhelming when you get a positive and loving feedback for the designs you put your heart and soul into!
Are you thinking about your next collection that will follow after you release your debut lawn?
Yes for sure I am! And I am trying my greatest to make the future collections even more wonderful but you all have to stay tuned for what might be coming next!


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