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Interview: Up Close & Personal with Saira Shakira!

Interview: Up Close & Personal with Saira Shakira!

Fashion powerhouse Saira Shakira are a force to be reckoned with; 2017 has definitely been their year to shine bright- launching several massive campaigns that were met with great applause. Their bridal collections are definitely drool worthy and these ladies know how to pack a punch when it comes to creating a statement look. We caught up with the designers; getting details on everything from their friendship to their work relationship and so much more- check out the complete interview below:


How long were you friends before starting your brand? 

We have been friends for the past 17 years now. We first met on the day of our admission interview at PIFD in Lahore and have been friends ever since.


Being mothers and running a fashion label must be difficult, how do you manage? 

It is tough managing your personal life with your professional life. Kids are growing up with school and extra-curricular activities, we must say it keeps us on our toes 24/7 but there’s nothing like a well-managed timetable, a good team behind your back and family support which fixes everything.


You’ve been doing back to back collections this year; tell us about your journey in 2017?

It’s been a fantastically exciting year. Every collection brings its own adrenaline rush and we’ve had two bridal collections this year along with two un-stitched collections in collaboration with Crimson and a few other collections like ready to wear and Eid! All collections have been very close to our heart. We showcased “Monsoon wedding” for the first time in Karachi at FPW this year and Karachi was very good to us. In October, we showcased Artemisia 2018 couture collection in Lahore to an overwhelming response from our clients and the press.


What are your plans in terms of expanding the brand in 2018?

We launched our website in the year 2017 and the response has been phenomenal, so, in the year 2018 we plan to take that to the next level. We have planned more exciting avenues to project our brand further in Pakistan and in the international market.


What goes on behind the scenes at Saira Shakira? Do you ever get into squabbles when it comes to designing? 

A lot goes on behind the scenes. Brainstorming, coordinating, planning, team work some téte à téte. Designing is nothing to have a fight over so no, we don’t fight over designs or anything else for that matter.


Who’s more head strong of the two of you? 



How do you think you complement one another in terms of your work life together? 

Umm, I guess I am more laid back than Saira is. She gets anxious and we use that as a good push forward. But if anxiety levels reach new highs then I calm every one down.


How much time do you spend together in a day? 

Around 6 hours in person and don’t know how many over the phone.


One trend you wish would make a comeback in 2018 and one you wish would expire already?

We would love to see the shalwar come back like it was almost 10 years ago. The peplum should just go now.


We’ve seen some bts images of your upcoming collection, can you tell us a little bit about and what we can expect to see?

The BTS that you’ve seen is our web collection that we’ve designed to be ordered online. Visit our website and have a look now and order away!

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