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Travel Diaries: Natasha Khalid’s Mesmerising Trip To Croatia!
Travel Diaries

Travel Diaries: Natasha Khalid’s Mesmerising Trip To Croatia!

We caught up with the beautiful and talented Natasha Khalid while  she was vacationing in the ultimate serene locations of Croatia! She went to some stunning scenic destinations and indulged in delectable food. Keeping her style on point, she looked flawless through out the trip. What could be more fun than travelling with your sister and mother? Lets have a look at her Croatian adventure below:



Was this a planned or a spontaneous trip?

None of my trips can ever be spontaneous! My work schedule never allows it hence I plan months in advance, hence this trip to Croatia was something my sister Sabrina and I had been working on to take our Mom for her birthday. We had blocked a few days and went on our Croatian adventure!



What were the most surreal places to visit ?

So we visited Zagreb, Split, Plitvice Lakes, Trsteno Arboretum,  and Dubrovnik.  But Plitvice Lakes, Trsteno Arboretum and Dubrovnik would be favourites on this vacation. We visited the Plitvice Lakes National Park which is one of the oldest national parks in Southeast Europe and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and reminded me of the importance of being surrounded by nature. The air and beauty of the place just completely left me awestruck. The pictures don’t do justice to how surreal it is in real life, hence I would definitely recommend that. Then Trsteno Arboretum which is the oldest arboretum in that part of the world and where some of the High Garden scenes from Game of Thrones was shot was absolutely incredible. And then of course Dubrovnik which is also on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites left me awestruck with it’s rustic historical beauty. From the natural beauty to the preserved architecture everything about it just was absolutely surreal!
                   Any fun adventures or incidents you’d like to share?
Whenever it’s the three of us together it is absolute fun! My mom had us when she was super young hence it’s like having another sibling ( when you look at her no one ever believes she is our mom). We also love exploring historical sites and being surrounded by nature. Hence the trip was fun every second and also very relaxing.



How was your Game of Thrones tour experience ?
I am a crazy Game of Thrones fan and that was partly the reason why I wanted to visit! Our guide in Dubrovnik gave us the historical information whilst also taking us to the places where some amazing scenes had been shot. What I loved was that he had a notebook that had the pictures from the series so we could see , compare and take pictures. I was super excited while my Mum and Sabrina who haven’t really watched the show didn’t know what all the fuss was about !
What’s the best thing you’ve bought on this trip that you’re excited about?
What I love about trips such as this is that they are trips to explore and enjoy the locations as opposed to just being in malls or shops buying clothes, shoes and bags. One of the things my husband Ali and I love to collect are fridge magnets from all the places we travel to, and hence it’s always exciting to add to the collection. Also I got some amazing chilli oil and some packaged seasoned salt for marination to use for when I cook at home. We also came across some amazing honey jars being sold along the way to Split so bought jars of the Mandarin flavoured honey for friends and family. This will sound a little cliche but every time I travel to a new destination I feel what we truly “buy” are our memories and experiences. Travel allows us to open our minds and see the world in a completely new light.



Travel essentials when it comes to dressing up?
I always check the weather of wherever it is I will be travelling so I can plan accordingly. I also like investing in pieces that are solid colours and some classics that will stay with you forever like a good white button down shirt, a nice leather jacket, boots, a pair of good blue jeans, e.t.c and I usually tend to dress those up with fun accessories. Zagreb and Plitvice Lakes was very cold while Split and Dubrovnik were pleasant in the day and a little chilly in the evening hence I packed light winter wear with options for when it was a little hotter.  Other than that my sunblock and moisturiser are two things I cannot travel without because I know my skin reacts to the change in weather very quickly!
Essentials in your makeup bag that you packed ?
I cannot travel without my Bioderma Sunblock and La Mer Moisturising Gel Cream, both are lifesavers while travelling as when you’re a tourist you’re walking around in the sun a lot and that can lead to sun damage and going from humid weather to colder weather usually results in skin getting dry patches so it’s imperative to pack a good moisturiser. Also my bioderma sensibio makeup remover travels everywhere with me as it takes makeup off without making my skin dry. Other than that on my vacations my makeup tends to be what I do in general life back home as well. My Dior Pump n Volume Mascara, NARS Deep Throat blush, Bobbi Brown Rose lip pencil. M.A.C Ample Pink gloss, Bobbi Brown Foundation and Becca Shimmering Liquid skin perfector went with me in the makeup bag. What I also love to pack when I travel are the SK II Hydrating Masks great to put on and look like you have just had a facial!



Top 3 restaurants you loved?

We as a family love to savour some of the wonderful local food whenever we travel hence I always do a ton of research before we land anywhere! On this trip we had some amazing grub and this would be the top 3. First up was Proto, a Michelin guide restaurant in the heart of the Old Town in Dubrovnik. The scallops, scampi and truffle risotto and lamb chops were just divine! Then in Split we went to this place that was recommended highly called Bokeria. Best burrata tomato salad I have ever had! And the seabass  with the cauliflower puree was also delish! Also we drove down from Split to Dubrovnik so on the way our guide Dino recommended a restaurant frequented by heads of states and movie stars, that had the best seafood in Croatia. It was a small place by the water called Kapetanova kuca ( Captains House) and had the freshest seafood I have ever had!



 What’s your top travel tip?

Plan and research and make the most of the time you are going to spend at a new destination. I am a big believer in picking out places I haven’t been to and then spending time researching where I want to go once there, where I want to eat and live, before I land there , so I get the most enriching experience out of it.
Next destination on your bucket list?
There are so many destinations , my list is endless as travel is my indulgence, but Russia and South Africa are two places I want to plan and go to inshallah soon!

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