Behind The Scenes: An Exclusive Sneak Peek Look At Sana Safinaz PFDC L’oreal Bridal Collection!


‘The Last Of The Night’ by Sana Safinaz tells a tale of grandeur, modernity and romance of two worlds- natural and inanimate. A soft color palette of pastel hues including shades of powder blue, wax yellow and blush pinks- offset with crisp whites, grays and silver with whimsical embellishment make for an ultra-feminine yet starkly modern aesthetic.

One forays into the untamed with a nod to realist modernity- with a belief in constant evolution the designer duo have forever maintained their philosophy of always being able to transcend beyond traditional ideas and to re-invent, innovate and continue to blaze a trail that sets the bench mark in the world of fashion. The vision behind their upcoming collection to be showcased at PFDC L’oreal Bridal Week is a recreation and conjuring of a dream. With an idea to capture a surreal vision and moment in time within an urban, modern framework. The designers modern take on natural beauty set the inanimate. With a sneak peek look at the collection we’re already ogling over Sana Safinaz contemporary take on hand ornamentation- featuring delicate bead and thread work creating piece of art rather than ensembles! Scroll down and have a look at what’s to come at the Sana Safinaz bridal showcase below: 





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