Ready, Set, Shoot: #NazliAkbarXSecretCloset Day-to-Evening Style File Feat Faiza Lakhani


Being a Mom to twin babies, occasions to dress to impress have become a rarity over the last year. So having one of my favorite designers; Nazli Akbar style me in 4 gorgeous outfits while the one and only Shamain did my makeup was all the more special and the definite highlight of my weekend! Usually camera shy, I was super excited to put on some high heels and strike a pose, perhaps Motherhood has given me a new appreciation for taking out time for myself, anyway I’m so glad I did it and here are the looks!


Faiza Lakhani Editor-in-Chief


This wedgewood blue lace applique was my favorite not only because it is a classic day to evening semi-formal but mainly because I thought the shade really complimented my tone. As a rule I usually tend to pick warmer hues but this cool icy blue really popped, if I do say so myself (excuse my preening tone) :)



This neutral blush pink was an instant natural fit. It is soft, elegant and you can go full on bling with the accessories to jazz it up for evenings. I chose a bronzed gold that I thought worked quite nicely.



If I could, I would wear the kaftan absolutely everywhere! Never before has a silhouette combined comfort with allure quite so perfectly. This ivory with rich beaten gold hues of embellishment was my evening wear pick and I really quite loved it.



I ended with a stunning jewel tone emerald in a classic cut with ever so slightly flared cropped trousers that I think are the focal point of this outfit. Delicately worked with embroidery, swarovski and pearl it exemplifies the Nazli Akbar feminine elegance to the tee.

Hope you enjoyed my debut mini-shoot! Xx

Makeup: Shamain Salon | Photography: Danish Rasheed

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