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Style Notes: Esfir’s One Of A Kind Collection-Seven Deadly Sins!
Style Notes

Style Notes: Esfir’s One Of A Kind Collection-Seven Deadly Sins!

Looking for the perfect statement earrings? Esfir has got you covered.With their innovative modern designs that can be worn to any occasion, you can spot their earrings on different celebrities and shoots. Taking things up a notch,  for their new collection Esfir takes on a dark, grand approach to embodying the “seven deadly sins” in the form of statement jewellery . The brand uses intricate crafting techniques and artistic elements; implemented in each unique piece-rendering this collection a must have for the upcoming festive season.

Each piece in this collection is representative of one these sins, whether its in the form of a motif, a color or even just a feeling. Black meenakari work and a looming falcon motif depict “Wrath” in their “Falcons Fury” piece , where as an entwined rose is symbolic of something unattainable within “Greed” in their “Midas’ Touch “ piece. Esfir has stuck to their “east meets west” aesthetic by using traditional ornamentation techniques, combined and bold , architectural structures. Dark Valentine and The rise of Opulence have topped our festive accessories list.  We have always been a huge fan of their creativity and how impeccable their work is. So head over to their studio to check out the latest ‘seven deadly sins’ collection.








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