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Interviews: Five Minutes with Hassan Sheheryar Yasin!

Interviews: Five Minutes with Hassan Sheheryar Yasin!

We sat down with everyone’s favorite fashion guru; Hassan Sheheryar Yasin to discuss everything from his favorite trends to his go to summer look! Catch up with HSY below:

1.What is currently your favorite trend?
All white. It’s perfect for summer.

2.Which trend are you sick of?
Off shoulders and cold shoulders.

3.What styles/silhouettes would you like to see more of this summer?
Relaxed and loose silhouettes.


4.What’s your go to look?
A classic button down paired with jeans. Semi-casual and simple.


5. What’s one piece of advice you have for men and women when dressing themselves?
Dress for your body type. Don’t go for anything just because it’s the latest trend, always go for what you feel comfortable in.
6. What is your idea of style?
Keeping it clean and simple. You can never go wrong with a classic look.
7. In your opinion, what about fashion and peoples mindsets need to be changed in Pakistan?
We’ve come a long way since when I started but I think there’s still a need for people to realize that fashion is more than dressing up and going with the trends, it’s a part of your identity.


9.What hurdles did you have to over come when first starting your brand?
We’ve come a long way since when I started, things used to be much different back then. Especially for men in the fashion industry since it was always considered as only a woman’s niche.
10. What’s something no one knows about you?
I love desi food!


10. Lastly, what can we expect from HSY next?

There are a lot of exciting projects in the pipeline. Can’t reveal details about them, just keep a lookout!

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