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Gift Guide: Fathers Day Special!
Gift Guide

Gift Guide: Fathers Day Special!

Father’s day is just round the corner and a great dad deserves a thoughtful and a fantastic gift! No amount of Thank You’s are enough for all they have done for us our entire lives, but a little token of appreciation will surely light up his day. Need a last minute Father’s day gift? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with a list of Father’s Day gifts that will help you celebrate the great man you know your dad is.


Personalized cupcakes are on top of our list! Not only are they delicious, the fact that you can personalize them according to your father’s personality is the best part. It’s still not too late to order the yummiest gift this father’s day. Make your super dads happy by ordering a batch of mouthwatering cupcakes! Bakeries we can vouch for include Saira faruqi and Yum by Amna Tauqeer!


Jump start your dads day with a hearty family breakfast- food is, of course, a way to a man’s heart and who can be more important that your dad. Our pick? Xanders of course!


Sapphire Pakistan is your one stop shop for the perfect gift this father’s Day. With Eid coming up, give your Dad a style upgrade. From perfectly stitched kurtas to comfortable shoes, they’ve got it all!


One of the most iconic and classic brands from our father’s time till now, everyone loves Rayban. Every dad who drives wants to a pair of cool shades and these aviators from Rayban make it easy.


If you’re willing to splash some money this father’s day, an apple watch should be on top of your list. Whether your dad is tech savvy or still stuck in the 90s tech wise, this easy to use gadget is the much needed motivation your dad requires to get his fitness routine started.


A personalized Italian leather wallet from Hub, because you want to give him something he really needs!


If all else fails, you can always rely on a classic shirt from Chester and Bernard. A dad can never have enough of these! Just don’t forget to add a note with the all-important message: “I love you, Dad”.

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